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Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Road accident! Killed his father for not giving money! Drive under the influence of alcohol and drug.

These lines hit the newspapers headline every day.  This is all because of excess use of alcohol and drugs. Any person at any stage can start using alcohol and drugs.

In the age group of 15 to 24 years, 50% of deaths are caused by alcohol or drug abuse. They also contribute to physical and sexual aggression such as rape. The combination of risk taking behavior, curiosity and social pressure make it very difficult for any individual to say NO. This leads most of the people to the questions: "Will it harm to try one?"

Drugs are the regular intake of harmful substances that are harmful to our health. This substance varies from cigarettes, alcohol, excess use of prescribed medications, heroin, cocaine, narcotic etc. These substances produce carving or addiction which will lead to regular intake of drugs and alcohol. There are many reasons to start up these activities such as insist by friends, under peer pressure, low self esteem, depression, stress, bad parenting etc.

Intake of alcohol and drugs affect every part of the organ and also damage the developing fetus. It also impairs brain function; develop cancer, liver disorder and stroke. Alcoholism is a pattern of drinking that can harm your health, your loved ones, relationship and also your work. Some common symptoms of using alcohol and drugs involve change in sleep pattern, slurred speech, impaired coordination, sudden weight loss or gain, engaging in suspicious behaviors, drop in performance at school or work, depression, violent behaviors, restlessness and lack of interest in friends and family.

Medications such as Revia and Antabuse are available to manage withdrawal symptoms, treat co-occurring condition and prevent relapse. 

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