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Allergy & Sinus

Mild winter means problem for central Georgians who suffers from allergies. Short of cold weather means the plants have pollinated earlier this years.

People with allergies will start feeling the symptoms. Maybe you or your loved one can suffers from seasonal or chronic allergies related to airborne irritants or pollens. Allergies are the new plague which more than 35 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies and 78 million people suffer from chronic sinus infections. They are caused by body's allergic response to anything, may be smells, touch or ingested.  Our immune system attacks foreign body and thus the war begins. Because of this fear, it is now causing us to live in dread of allergic.

Some of the most common symptoms of allergies are clear nasal drip, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, burning sensation in nose and eye etc whereas the symptoms of sinusitis are fatigue and fever, chronic cough, mild headache, green and thick mucus, symptoms last for more than 10 to14 days etc.

Some people can hold on their sinus and allergic problem by trying some home remedies to effectively treat their symptoms. More causes of allergic and sinus symptoms are airborne. By monitoring the air, humidity can provide some short of relief. 

While some people find relief from over-the-counter medications, many of them no longer respond to these common remedies. If the symptoms still persist, it is better to go for medications. Drugs are helpful to treat the symptoms of allergy and sinus. Most of the medications are OTC (over the counter) that does not required prescription. These medications works by blocking the action of histamine, a synthetic chemical released in the body as an allergic reaction.

Medications such as Allegra, Himalaya Haridra, Zyrtec, Veramyst, Singulair, Peritol, Nasonex, Medrol, Flonase, Eurax Cream, Claritin, Clarinex, Atarax, Astelin and Himalaya Tulasi are effectual medications used in the treatment of allergies and sinus. But avoiding the symptoms is always good solution to treat allergies and sinus. 

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