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Living with Alzheimer disorder is pretty challenging. It is difficult to see someone facing with this disorder. Alzheimer is a disorder in which brain stop functioning. This condition is same as dementia in which person fails to perform or complete simple daily tasks.                

This is a quite devastating disease that severely changes a highly functioning person to a dramatic level which requires living support and frequent medical treatment. Without the help of medications, individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disorder are unable to live their life on their own.

Symptoms of this disorder usually extend slowly and get worse over time; they become severe enough to interfere with the daily routine. Some of the common symptoms involve problem with thinking, memory and behavior, confusion, poor judgment, change in mood and increase in age. The greater risk factor is aging and majority of people face Alzheimer's after the age of 65 years. 5 percentages of people have early onset that often appear in the age group of 40s or 50s.

Alzheimer's treatment cannot stop from progressing; they can just temporarily slow down the worsening of dementia symptoms and improve the quality of life. It is always better to treat this disorder, delay its onset and avoid it from developing.

Medications such as Nootropil, Namenda, Exelon and Aricept are few drugs that are effectively used to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer. These medications works by inhibiting or reducing the breaking down the chemical substance in the brain called acetylcholine, which is very important for learning and memory.


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