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Helminths are the parasites worms that survive by living on a living host to obtain nourishment and protection and cause illness and disease to the host. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by helminths infection. Infections are widely spread in sub-Saharan Africa, China, East Asia and America.

Helminths are usually found in the contaminated soil, humid counties that have poor sanitation and poor hygiene. Roundworms, flukes, flatworm and tapeworm are considered under the group of helminths.

If any infected people discharge their faeces on soil, eggs of helminth present in their faeces will contaminate the soil. These eggs then mature and hatch to produce larvae that grow into the adult worms.  These worms then penetrate human if they have any cut or wound on their skin by walking on the contaminated soil or either by eating vegetable and fruits without washing them that are grown under the soil as these sources may contain larva of helminths. These worms then enter in the bloodstream and move towards the lung and throat and are then transported to the gut can cause disorder such as anemia, malnutrition, severe inflammatory, calabar disorder, neurological problem, lung disorder etc. 

Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are weight loss, fatigue, irritability, abdominal pain, diarrhea, poor appetite, conjunctivitis, blindness, wheeze, cough etc.

Anthelmintic are the group of anti parasitic medications that are effectively used in the treatment of helminths disorder such as Albenza chewtab, Permethrin cream, Stromectol, Vermox and Flagyl .

These medication works by inhibiting or expel worms out of the body either by killing or stunning the growth of worms without causing any damage to the host.

Other then medication it is important to adapt healthy lifestyle such as washing hands, frequent cleaning of kitchens and bathroom, throughout cooking of food mainly
beef, pork, bear meat etc is important to avoid the symptoms of this disorder.

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