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Nausea is an undesirable feeling of the stomach that usually occurs before vomiting. It is the instinctive emptying of abdomen content from the mouth. The sensation of vomiting is always known as nausea. Vomiting can happen to anyone and at anytime, it is not differentiated by age. There are various reasons that can cause vomiting such as intense pain, viral infections, food poisoning, early stage of pregnancy, emotional stress, ingestion of toxins substance, motion sickness, excess intake of alcohol, overeating etc. Normally vomiting is not harmful but its symptoms can cause more server illness. It is better to go for Anti-emetic drugs which are effectively used in the treatment of emetic or vomiting sensation. 

During earlier days, salt water and mustard water were used for the treatment of conditions like nausea. Anti-emetic drugs are effectively used to expel toxic substances from our body and provide great relief to your health. It helps to remove the substances that are absorbed by your body and cause harm to your health condition. Most of the anti-emetic drugs work on the gut and speed increase the action of food absorption quickly. While other drugs works by performing the action on the brain and block signal to the nausea center.

Anti-emetic drug such as Zofran, Vertin and   Motilium are very effective and helpful in the treatment of nausea. These medications are easily available on our online portal at very low cost.  

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