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Anti Fibrotic

Fibrosis is the pattern of excess fibrous connective tissues in a tissue or an organ in a reparative process. In response to injury it is known as scarring and if it arises from a single cell line, it is known as fibroma. There are various types of fibrosis that occur in the body such as pulmonary fibrosis, Liver cirrhosis, Cardiac fibrosis etc.

The condition that causes pulmonary fibrosis takes many years to develop pulmonary fibrosis. It often develops later in their life between 50 to 70 years of age. It affect both male and female equally. Some of the risk factors of this condition are exposure to toxic substance that causes lung damage, excess of smoking, gastro esophageal disorder and infections such as tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Cirrhosis refers to the nodules or the scar tissues that replace tissue of liver and interrupt live function. This is usually caused by because fatty liver disorder, hepatitis B or hepatitis C and excess intake of alcoholism. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are nausea, itchy skin, weight loss, slurred speech, fatigue etc.

In cardiac fibrosis, area of heart gets damage due to myocardial infarction and cause fibrosis. Cardiac fibrosis affects the valves in the heart and the muscle that becomes stiff and less compliant. This increases the risk of heart failure. Medication such as Esbriet is available to treat the problem of fibrosis effectively. It works by reducing the production of fibroblasts and other components that involve in the formation of hard fibrous tissues and hence slow down the progression of this disorder.


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