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Everyone has heard the word mushrooms! It is one of the types of fungi that we can eat, but they are also referring to the type of germs that present and live on our body. Most of the time this germs are harmless but some time they can cause fungal infection. There are approximately 2 million of different species on earth, out of which only 300 are known to make people sick. They live on soil, plants and trees and also on human skin.

Doesn't worry or feel embarrassed as lot of people get fungal infection and they are usually easy to treat because fungal rarely spreads below the skin. Some common type of fungal infections is Tinea, Athlere's foot, Jock itch, Candida and Pityriasis versicolor and its common symptoms are burning, itching, large or small vaginal discharge, pain at the time of sensual activity, soreness, rash etc.

Medications are available to effectively treat the symptoms of fungal infection such as Penlac, Diflucan, Ertaczo, Nizoral, Grifulvin-V and Lamisil. They works by inhibiting or killing the fungal cells by affecting the substance in the fungal cell wall and causing the content of the fungal cells to leak out of the cells t die. These medications prevent the fungal cells to grow and reproduce.

Other then medication, it is also important to follow some healthy lifestyle such as bathing every day, dry your body completely, wearing clean cloths and keeping your private parts clean and dry to avoid fungal infection.  



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