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Asthma is a chronic, a long term lung condition commonly seen in children's. About 1 in every 15 individual has asthma problem. It can occur at all ages however, in 50% of the cases it occurs earlier than the age of ten.

There is no cure for this harmful disorder but people can live normal lives by controlling the condition of asthma with the help of proper medications and treatment. People facing asthma have more sensitive airways present in their lung that react to triggers and causing a flare-up. During this condition the muscles present around the airway get squeeze tightly causing the airway to swell and become narrow and make patient harder to breath. It is something like air is trapped in your lungs and it is trying to find some way to move out.

Some of the common symptoms of asthma are chest tightness, wheezing, breathlessness and continue coughing. Asthma can also rise from a family history, eczema, hay fever; smoke from cigarettes, cold air, animals, molds, strong smells like perfumes, air pollution, pollen, house dust,   wood dust and many more can trigger an attack. Asthma symptoms are treated with 2 different types of medications that are long term control and other one is quick relief medication. Long-term control medicines help to decrease airway inflammation and avoid asthma symptoms while quick-relief medicines alleviate asthma symptoms that may flare up.

 Medications helps to keep the defense cells that are present in airways from causing an attack. Medications such as Rotahaler Device, Rhinocort Nasal Spray, Pulmicort Inhaler, Flovent, Combivent Inhaler, Advair Diskus, Xopenex, Volmax, Spiriva, Serevent Inhaler, Ventrolin Inhaler, Advair Inhaler, Albuterol Rotacaps and Symbicort Inhalation powder are successfully used in the treatment of asthma symptoms and provide you the experience of well being. 

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