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Birth Control

Birth control pills are employed by women for the prevention of pregnancy. When a female is not ready to be a mother due to several reasons, then she chooses birth control pills. As a couple, she and her partner can also choose various kinds of birth control methods like condoms, IUDs (intra uterine devices), sterilization methods and barrier methods, but  among all these methods, birth control pills are completely safe and can easily prevent pregnancy without causing any adverse effects when used as directed.

The invention of a birth control pill or contraceptive pill has helped women worldwide to complete their dreams, complete their education, and think about their career first and have more free and open relationships. Using a birth control pill significantly lowers the chance of a pregnancy.

Birth control pills are of a few types:

Hormonal birth control pills-Yasmin, Yaz, Mircette, Dronis, Femilon, Ovral L and G.

Single progestin pill-  Norethindrone and Norethistrone

Emergency contraceptive pill-  Plan B and Unwanted 72

If, in spite of due caution, a pregnancy occurs, then for the complete termination of unwanted pregnancy, abortion pills are a completely safe and effective choice. Mainly, two types of abortion pills are used to end pregnancy. A female can easily perform abortion at her home without taking help from anyone if she so desires and if her health permits. Abortion with Abortion pills doesn't need any kind of surgical instruments and anesthesia. It is a completely safe, effective, pain free and reliable method of abortion.

Brands of generic Mifepristone-  RU-486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne and Korlym

Brand of generic Misoprostol-  Cytotec

Combo pack of generic Mifepristone& Misoprostol -  MTP kit

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