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Bladder / Prostate Disorder

Just picture the annoying trip to the washroom day and night, not only few times but many. You may think why I am running to washroom these many times?? Night bathroom is the first sign of prostate enlargement. Some of the other symptoms of enlarge prostate involve trouble getting a start of urine, urine leaking and dribbling.  Prostate starts moving through two different period of stage as men grow older. Once during puberty, when prostate grows twice in its size while the other after the age of 25 years, which often result to cause BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia).

Prostrate or bladder enlargement is a common disorder seen in majority of male, especially in elderly people, who are above 45 years of age. Bladder disorder occurs when the cells of prostate gland starts multiply. The addition cells will swell and squeezes the urethra and hence lessen the limit of urine flow. Nerves and muscles works together to hold urination and to release it, when something is not working properly in this system, it can lead to cause trouble during urination. Some other problems also arise because of inappropriate urination such as stress on kidney due to improper kidney function, loss of urine immediately, more often urination, urination pressure at night, more frequent leak of urination, increase in bladder pressure etc.

By avoiding alcohol, caffeine and smoking and following regular exercise and healthy diet and solve this problem. Other then these, medications are available to successfully treat bladder and prostrate disorder such as  Tamsulosin, Avodart, Urispas, Urecholine, Solifenacin, Flomax, Ditropan, Macrobid, UroXatral, Himalaya Cystone and Casodex are effectively used to reduce the symptoms of this harmful disorder.

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