Erectile dysfunction is defined as the incapability of men to attain erection hard enough for intimacy. This medical condition is not that much serious if treated on time, but may surely affect the one health if you ignore it completely. The erection failure usually happens as of stress, obesity, drinking habit, drug abuse, heart complications, and cholesterol and family complications. Sometimes bad eating habits and lack of exercise also causes the erection failure. Thus, if you are facing this trouble must visit the doctor for medical help and a preferable drug that doctor would recommend you is Levitra 60mg.

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Know more about Levitra generic Vardenafil:

Levitra 60mg the pharmaceutical product of Vardenafil is most recommended medicament taken by the impotent men for the erection failure. The drug makes their erection longer and muscular for the satisfactory lovemaking with a mate. The drug increases the current of blood in the erectile area and makes their soft erection into the harder. The FDA approved the drug for the use to make the erection harder for lovemaking.

Vardenafil belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor class of drug. The enzyme PDE-5 is reliable for the depletion of cGMP substance into the body. Thus, the Vardenafil blocks the functioning of PDE-5 enzyme and increases the total production of cGMP into the body. These enhance production leads to relaxation of blood vessels and makes the enhance amount of blood to reach inside the penile for hard erection.

Levitra 60mg is easily reachable in the market in the form of oral tablets. The men anguish from the erection failure should have to take one tablet of 60mg once in a day orally with required quantity of water. The intake of the drug is desired to have 45 minutes before the lovemaking, as a drug would take 20 to 25 minutes to execute its action. The effectual action of drug nest in the body for the period of 5 hours hence men have to take only one tablet of 60 mg once in 24 hours. Do not make use of double dose to fasten up the action as it may result out in pain or prolong ejection.

The user of Levitra may experience some adverse effects like as of chest pain, muscle pain, facial flushing, nasal decongestion, dizziness, drowsiness, body pain, headache, vision changes and a ringing sound in the ear.

Therefore, the men have to take caution as of if he is the anguish of liver, kidney, heart, blood and blood pressure complication then he must have to avoid the intake of Levitra. Cut down the ingestion of alcohol, grapefruit juices, smoking while taking Levitra as it may worsen the drug side effects. The combination of Levitra or Nitrate derivative may cause hypotension so better to avoid that. Do not take part in driving or machinery work sudden after drug intake as it may cause blurry vision.

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