It is seen that in every step in the process of your erection, there is a defect that is why your erection is not coming up?  Lower desire and if genitals do not get the signals for coming up are the reasons. This loss of libido can happen due to less testosterone. If your arteries get inelastic and do not get dilate then all the desire in the world will not make you hard. This also happens in patients with atherosclerosis. Diabetes is the condition that causes the damage to the small nerves going towards the junk and stops the happy signals to never occur.

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The possibility of poor performance can be psychological also. When you masturbate normally but at the time of the consensual act, you have a problem then the problem is in your head not with your penile part. Performance anxiety has been a downfall of many young men which begins slowly and becomes large. Treatment for such problem should be first initiated as couple therapy. Tobacco use is also known to be the cause of impotency. Those who are smokers should neglect smoking. If your erection problem is still severe than rely on Sildenafil Cenforce 100mg medicine. This drug will bring about an erection more speedily and quickly. 

Those having frequent erection problems should try this drug. Many have tried and found relief. Sildenafil is the generic of the brand named as Cenforce. This comes under the classification of Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. The PDE5 enzyme is meant to cause degeneration of the cGMP present in the penile region. This degeneration will result in very few counts of cGMP and so low erection. Use this drug and so prohibit PDE5 enzyme working. There will up rise in cGMP and so vasodilation of penile vessels and hence speedy blood circulation. This will result in an erection.

The dosing regimen of Sildenafil Cenforce Tablet:

Cenforce medicines are available in different dosing strengths as 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg. To boost up an erection process, one should start consuming single pill. You must plan your intimacy session and then take prior to one hour of planned intimacy act. The onset is within 30 minutes and the action lengthens for about 4-5 hours. Take the second dosage only after 24 hours of the first dosage. This is to be taken orally with water.

Contradictory points:

  • In any allergic reactions, never use this.
  • When taking Nitrate forms, never use this.
  • When having an age below 18 years, never use this.
  • When having a painful erection, never use this.

Precautionary Features that one must follow-up always:

  • Keep rid of alcohol and grapefruit juice as those drinks bring worse effects.
  • Keep rid of fatty food as those will alter the drug activity.
  • Patients having a cardiac problem should not use this medicine.
  • Whenever dizziness starts then avoid performing work like driving or machine operation.

Some common forms of aftermaths that might get elevated are like flushing, shortness of breath, muscle pain, back pain, nausea, vomiting, painful erection, and vision problem.

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