Yes! You have heard it from your elder ones when a man loves a woman desperately or very very very much, he places his joystick inside her, hugs her very close and ……… Nine months later, a baby comes in the world, what you did not know that when a man-woman love so much, but he and she both were career oriented or he still not ready for taking an additional responsibility of a baby. Then unexpected pregnancy comes into view, it can threaten him all entire life. Also when a man is in a drunken state and makes a sensual session with a woman whom he hardly knows, then….

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For making it clear come to know what has happened in a female party. Now comes at a girl, who was enjoying in the party but what happened at that night has changed your life. That handsome man….drinks….room….kissing….blurred memory of intercourse. There is something inside you. How do you tell your parents that you are having a baby? How the hell you remove it out from your body? Now, what will happen of your promotion that is going to happen in next month? So the talk is–you do not want to have a baby. You want respect, your career, and your perfect life but you do not want a baby now.          

Comparing the boy and girl scenario both are not ready to have a kid because of their different reasons so what will the option here…it is ABORTION. The boy is not ready to accept an additional responsibility for a pregnant girl and upcoming baby. For that choose medical abortion not surgical one with MTP Kit.

MTP Kit is the best way to save you from challenging unplanned pregnancy of 9 weeks. A girl who cannot go to the hospital for abortion procedure can do by herself by following the appropriate dosing plan. If keeping the secrecy of pregnancy news is prime importance for you then no other way of abortion can work better as you need not tell anyone about the abortion, just trust any of your friends or be alone and do an abortion with easy route of abortion. Mifepristone and Misoprostol kits are the two FDA approved compounds responsible for the therapeutic effectiveness of this medicine.

The action of Mifepristone comes into play by inhibiting the progesterone hormone in the woman’s body. This often results in stopping the ongoing supply of essential nutrients that surely makes the fetus died. Secondly, the action of Misoprostol is to widen and constrict the endometrial wall so that abortion contents go out from the uterus in the form of blood loss and clots.  

Dosing that needs to be followed by a pregnant lady for abortion:–

In the morning time, when you are the empty stomach, you may ingest one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) orally supposing with water. Please note it on day 1. Wait for the coming of the third day, and then it is the time of taking 4 Misoprostol pills (200mg) orally or vaginally. Let the 14th day come, go for an ultrasound to be sure about abortion.

Not all females but only a few faces one or two of side effects like an annoyance, unclearness, the heavy vaginal flow of blood, and clumsiness, awkwardness in vaginal part, abdominal cramps, illness, and pelvic pain.


  • You are strictly advised to be away from the physical task as it may enhance the chances of vaginal infection and also pregnant again.
  • Please do not pull any heavy object till you completely recover for that you can be at rest and take healthy food.

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