Many teenage girls before the age of 17 years lose their virginity and the studies show that even after 10 years of losing their virginity they don’t fall into a committed relationship like marriage. So, in a huge time gap of almost above 10 years, there stand numerous chances for a woman to become pregnant. Every time you get intimate it’s not necessary that you would be having contraceptives with you and also there is not 100% guarantee that the contraceptive you have used has protected you fully from the conception of sperm. As using a contraceptive is a skillful task you have to be regular with pills and has to be double check with the accessories like condoms, vaginal pouches and IUD’s to check whether they’re functioning well or not.

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Being irregular with contraceptives, tearing or leaking of the protective wearing or following natural ejaculation out the method on non-ovulating days can also make you pregnant. As one may become pregnant whilst the time of menstruation as well. Rupturing of one egg doesn’t mean that the other egg is not ready in the body. In fact, there are many cases of an unwanted pregnancy that are of the time of menstruation.

Teenagers are at special risk to the conception of unwanted pregnancy because of lack of experience, inadequate knowledge, and overly ambitious emotions whilst the time of intimacy. Abortion is the option recommended to such teenagers and the adults who under a misconception or lack of focus or unknowingly get conceived of the unwanted pregnancy like under heavy alcohol or drug addiction.

MTP Kit is the most recommended brand under the class of medication Abortion Pills. This brand has two different pills Mifepristone & Misoprostol that functions in the body of women through 2 different ways. Like Mifepristone pill function in the body of women by stopping the synthesis and surge of Progesterone hormone, an essential hormone to build pregnancy and a vital need for building endometrial lining to nourish developing pregnancy. Another mechanism through pill Misoprostol acts in the body of women is inducing the powerful contractions, softening and dilation of the vaginal opening. Taking Misoprostol pill will facilitate the evacuation of the uterus.

To flush unwanted pregnancy a woman should take Mifepristone 200mg pill orally with water and followed by 2 days she can place all 4 pills of Misoprostol each dosing of 200mcg through the vaginal route. Followed by 14 days women must go to the clinic to get an ultrasound done for confirming nothing has left in the uterus.

Some of the adverse indications allied to the use of MTP medications are nausea, headache, back pain, myalgia, heavy abdominal cramps and severe vaginal bleeding. Some cautionary measures women may follow when taking MTP medications are avoiding the strenuous workout, intimacy, restrict the heavy meals and alcohol. Remove your IUD from the vagina and don’t take the pills for diluting ectopic pregnancy as the pills are safe for entopic pregnancy also.

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