Bimatoprost eye drops are an excellent ophthalmic solution to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition in which eye pressure increases which can also cause gradual vision loss. This eye drop can also be used to treat ocular hypertension (another condition which increases the eye pressure). Generic Bimatoprost falls under the class of drugs called prostaglandin analogs. It works by decreasing the pressure in the eye by enhancing the flow of natural eye fluid (aqueous humor) out of the eye.

The eye pressure is naturally preserved by a constant flow of liquid named aqueous humor through the eyeball. This eye fluid is produced by ciliary body, which drains out of the eyeball through channels called trabecular meshwork. If the outpouring of aqueous humor is stopped, aqueous humor starts accumulating inside the eye, resulting in an increased pressure within the eyeball. This raised pressure needs to be lowered, or else it can harm the optic nerve and as a result damage vision.

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How should Bimatoprost eye drops be used?

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is to be instilled in the affected eye(s) one time in a day in the evening. Remember to use the solution at about the same time each day. Bimatoprost controls ocular conditions (ocular hypertension and glaucoma) but does not treat them. To instill Bimatoprost eye drops, follow some simple steps:

  • First of all, wash your hands and face thoroughly with water and mild soap.
  • Do not touch the dropper tip with your hands; droppers and eye drops must be kept clean.
  • The tip of dropper must be checked to make certain that it is not cracked or chipped.
  • Pull down your lower eyelid with index finger to make a pocket while tilting your head back.
  • The dropper must be held down with the other hand, close to the eye as possible without touching it.
  • Gently press the dropper so that a single Bimatoprost eye drop falls into the pocket formed by the lower eyelid.
  • Keep your eyes closed for 2 to 3 minutes, try not to blink or pinch your eyelids.
  • Wipe away any additional liquid from your face with a spongy tissue.
  • Wash your hands to remove any drug.

Bimatoprost may cause side effects such as burning sensation, itchy eyes, headache, dry eyes, pink eye, sensitivity to light, eye pain or irritation and/or redness or swelling of the eyelid. If these side effects bother you or don't fade away, inform your doctor right away.

Special precautionary measures to be taken while using Bimatoprost eye drops:

  • Avoid this eye drop if you are hypersensitive to Bimatoprost or any other ingredients.
  • This eye drop is for use in the eyes only and must not be taken by mouth.
  • If you are using another topical ophthalmic solution, add it no less than 5 minutes before or after you put Bimatoprost eye drops.
  • Avoid the use of this eye drop in case you have inflammation of the eye or missing or a torn lens.
  • Do not instill this eye drop in case you have an eye infection, injury, or surgery.