It sounds weird but some pains are good for our body since it stimulates you to stay safe and take care of your body problems. Why do we sense pain? Pain is like an alarm clock that alerts our body against any danger. Pain system is like an internal body system just as you have digestive system to break down your food. There are nerves that become too sensitive and you experience excessive pain. Nerves that are more sensitive may turn on too easily. You can think an amazing pain free life and Soma is an excellent option for that, which acts as a muscle relaxant and can forget you when you feel pain last time.

Your muscle aches need relaxation in order to get rid of pain problems they are feeling. Brain nerves receive signals that something is wrong inside your body that you can explain as pain.

Soma 500 mg (Carisoprodol) helps to obstruct these pain signals. When taken efficiently pain is reduced notably.

Carisoprodol is the active generic element of Soma that helps in the modulation of brain and spinal cord activities via neurotransmitters. Soma is recommended for pain management in case of acute, painful musculoskeletal situations in adults due to gout, fibromyalgia, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and muscular dystrophy. Carisoprodol is not only the main factor for pain relief. Its metabolite known as Meprobamate is involved in this mechanism as muscle relaxant.

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Dosing regimen with some precautionary measures-

Soma is available in 350mg and 500mg strength as oral formulation. For pain treatment in adults, Soma 350mg is recommended for 2-3 times a day and Soma 500mg is suggested for 2-3 times a day. Elder dose is half of the usual adult dose. It is not recommended for people of 16 years or below and above 65 years.

It is prescribed as 3-month therapy but actual dose depends upon patient's conditions and response to treatment. Do not stop the drug at ones.

  • Soma is cautious for liver, kidney, heart, and bleeding disorder patients.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should take precautions with it.
  • People oversensitive to generic Carisoprodol or any other ingredient of the drug should not take it.
  • Never share this drug with any other person, as it can be additive or abusive and leads to withdrawal symptoms of nausea, shivering, and agitation.

Some undesirable responses of soma that you may feel are sensation of burning in eyes, drowsiness, breathing difficulty, stomach upset, vomiting, facial flushing, and lack of coordination. Therefore, stay away from driving or any alertness needed activity.

Alcohol consumption with Soma leads to increase the side effects. Take precaution if you are on any other medication along with Soma.

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