Careprost is the best way to tackle the problem of hypotrichosis (shortage of eyelashes) and glaucoma. Generic Bimatoprost is a main active constituent of Careprost and belongs to the class of medications known as Prostaglandin analogue. Generic Bimatoprost is available as the various brands like Lumigan, Latisse and Careprost eye drop.

The eyes are considered as the symbol of beauty and perfection in the modern society, particularly for women. There are many cosmetics and over the counter drugs are available in the market to enhance the growth of the eyelashes. Cosmetic products like mascara and artificial eyelashes only offer temporary relief to the problem, but eye mascara and artificial eyelash extension are very harmful to the natural growth of eyelashes and they are not the permanent cure for growth of eyelashes.

Eyelashes not only important for beauty but restrict the entry of dust, mist, allergens, harmful UV rays and particles into the eyes.

Dual actions of Careprost eye drop -

In earlier days, Bimatoprost was used for the treatment of glaucoma and intraocular pressure. These eye disorders caused due to increased pressure within the eyes and this increased pressure damage the optic nerve of the eye and cause the loss of vision. If glaucoma is not treated on time, then it may damage the visual ability of the patient.

Careprost is also applied to the upper eyelids for treating the hypotrichosis or shortage of eyelashes. It treats hypotrichosis condition of the eyes by stimulating the growth of eyelashes by making them thicker, longer and darker.

Method of application of Careprost-

For hypotrichosis-

It is very important to apply Careprost eye drop in an appropriate manner to get the desired length of eyelashes. Put a one drop of eye medication on the sterile brush then apply on edge of the upper eyelid by drawing a thin line. You should apply this eye drop on a regular basis for 14to16 weeks. It should be apply only one time in a day.

For glaucoma-

Slightly tilt your head backside, stretch your lower eyelid, make a pocket shape structure and instill one drop of eye medication into your eyes.  It should be instilled only one drop of eye medication into the eyes. Close your eyes for 2 minutes and this procedure is to be repeated two times in a day.

While using this eye care medication you may face several adverse effects like redness, itching, irritation and swelling of the eyelids. But, don't worry about theses adverse effects as these may disappears after a few days.

Things to be kept in mind-

  • People who are suffering from eye infection or allergy avoid the use of this eye drop.
  • Before using this eye drop, wash your eyes and remove all the eye makeup.
  • Remove your contact lens before applying this eye medication.
  • While applying this eye drop be careful that it does not touch to the other parts of the body and lower eyelids as it may cause unwanted hair growth.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not apply this eye drop.
  • Children below the age of 12 years should not apply this eye medication.

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