Eyes are the crucial organ of the body as they impart vision and help you see the beautiful world. Apart from vision eyes are the most beautiful organ which increases the attraction of the face. Having long and thick lashes is the dream of every female and to obtain it they use various makeup items like mascara, liner, kajal and artificial eyelashes.

Now, the dream to get long and thick lashes can be fulfilled naturally with Careprost eye drop. Generic Bimatoprost present in this eye care solution makes it a very potent and effective eye drop. Place an order for Careprost eye drop online from our store at a reasonable price. This ophthalmic solution gives longer lashes by increasing the hair growth phase of the lashes.

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Components present in Careprost eye drop

Careprost eye drop comprises of sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, purified water, preservative benzalkonium chloride and sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid to regulate PH.

Method to use Careprost eye drop

Wash your eyes and face properly and pat it dry. Take a thin eyeliner brush and apply a drop of this eye care solution on the base of upper eyelashes with the help of eyeliner brush.  Remove excess of solution with the help of tissue paper.

You should use this ophthalmic solution once in a day before going to bed so that proper absorption of this ophthalmic solution takes place. 

Conditions in which Careprost eye drop should not be used are:

  • This eye drop is not prescribed for use in case you are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Do not use this eye care solution if you are sensitive towards generic Bimatoprost.
  • You should not use this eye drop if you are suffering from any other glaucoma other than narrow angle glaucoma.

Use of Careprost eye drop may lead to various unwanted ill effects such as dry eyes, vision disturbances, burning sensation, darkened eyelashes, irritation in the eyes, feeling of something inside the eyes, discharge for the eyes, dry eyes or excessive watery eyes and unclear vision.

Points to be kept on mind while administering Careprost eye drop are:

  • Before applying this eye care solution, you should remove your contact lens because it contains a preservative which may get absorbed by contact lenses.
  • You should not apply this ophthalmic solution on the lower eyelids or any other part of the body as it may lead to unnecessary hair growth.
  • To avoid contamination of this eye drop always use clean applicator and do not touch the bottle of the applicator with dirty hands.
  • This eye drop is not meant for use in pediatric patients under the age of 12 years.
  • If you are using two eye care solutions, then you should use both of them at a gap of 10 minutes.

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