Why are long eyelashes considered or said as the beauty of your eyes? Because long and dark eyelashes not only make your eyes look big and dramatic to enhance the eye beauty but also protect your eyes from entering any dust, dirt, or any foreign material. It is also being observed that people are more attracted towards beautiful eyes with fuller eyelashes. Such eyelashes make your eyes look wider to show off the sign of femininity. You do not need to apply much eye cosmetics to enhance your eyelashes and eyes with numerous of makeup products. You just need to have a Careprost ophthalmic solution that helps people with short and deficient eyelashes in making them dark, lengthy, and thicker.

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What is the use of Careprost?

In addition to the treatment of glaucoma condition in patients, the Careprost ophthalmic solution is also used widely for making short and lacking eyelashes to be long, thick, and dark. Hence, This eye drops makes your eyelashes lengthier, darker, and thicker to treat the condition of less and deficient eyelashes called hypotrichosis of Madarosis of eyelashes. Thus, Careprost makes your eyes look mesmerizing with gratifying and eye-striking eyelashes.

What is the therapeutic action of Careprost?

Bimatoprost eyedrop is the functional constituent of which Careprost brand is made and thus belongs to the category of prostaglandin analog. Thus, the action mechanism of Careprost involves the management of eye pressure to maintain eye pressure. For eyelashes, this eye drop helps in extending the stay duration of hair follicles during anagen (growth) phase and shortening the telogen (resting) phase. This helps in growing short eyelashes and making them darker and thicker.

What is the usage schedule of Careprost?

Careprost is obtainable as ophthalmic solution accessible in a bottle with an applicator. To be used on eyelashes, Careprost is applied externally at the margin of the upper lash line. Thus, the user has to put a drop of Careprost solution at the applicator tip or you can use a clean and dry eyeliner brush or a Q-tip. Close your eyes and do not apply at the lower lashes. Wipe the excess of the solution after use to prevent the growth of unwanted hair. Use Careprost for the regular duration of 12-16weeks daily during nighttime before going to bed. Make sure that you are not using any lenses or makeup before using Careprost solution else, this may interact with the solution.

What adverse effects are observed while using Careprost?

A user applying Careprost continuously may notice few adverse effects of red, itchy, irritated eyes, increased sensitivity to light, iris pigmentation, blurred vision, or mild sense of burning at the solution applied area.

Therefore, the usage of Careprost requires following precautionary measures-

  • A person having any medical condition should not use this drop before consulting the physician or ophthalmologist.
  • Any individual facing hypersensitivity reactions to any ingredient of Careprost should not use this solution.
  • Use of this drop is cautious during pregnancy and lactation, in children, and elderly people.
  • Do not contaminate the solution by touching the bottle tip to eyes, finger, or to any other surface.
  • Maintain a gap of 10-15minutes after using Careprost before you reinsert your lenses or using any other medicine.

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