Millions of patients across the world live with a feeling of intense pain that needs constant therapy. However there are a number of oral medicaments are available which touted to provide intense pain relief. The Pain is really an avoidable circumstance which can come in anyone life like an unwelcome guest. The pain really impacts the lives of billions of people across the worlds; the intensity of pain can be mild to moderate. For all kinds of pain buy Tramacip 50mg online at the lowest cost.

One of the most effective medications is Generic Tramadol, of centrally acting analgesic group.Generic Tramadol is an active component present in Ultram, which was discovered in 1970.The generic Tramadol has a dual mechanism of action. It acts by binding to the opioid receptor and inhibits the reuptake of neurotransmitter serotonin and nor-epinephrine. Generic Tramadol Tramacip 50mg Hydrochloride of centrally acting analgesic group shows its action in 30 minutes. The half life of Tramadol is 6-7 hours. It is available in different brand name of Ultram, Tramjet and Tramacip.

The Common indication of Tramadol include Post-herpetic neuralgia, Low back pain ,Dental pain, Osteoarthritis pain , Neuropathic pain ,Posttraumatic pain, Postoperative pain ,Acute musculoskeletal pain, Labor pain, obstetrical analgesia ,Renal colic, Diabetic neuropathy, Chronic pancreatitis pain, Rheumatoid arthritis pain.

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Why to take Tramacip 100mg drug:-

The individual should take Tramacip 100mg  because of the following associated property of Tramacip such as

  • Best tolerability
  • Overcome the occurrence of respiratory depression as compared to other drugs in the same category
  • Less constipation effect as compared to other opioid
  • Less withdrawal symptoms
  • Low dependence possible 
  • More effective in managing post operative pain
  • Improves mood disorder of the user
  • Avoid  immunosuppressive activity
  • Overcome pain-induced anxiety

Dosage and Direction Tramacip 200mg :-

The individual should swallow the whole tablet of Tramacip 200mg with water; the patient should take it whole. The maximum recommended dose in a day should not be more than 400mg.The person should avoid the consumption of taking alcohol while taking this drug. The correct intake of the dose depends on the physical and mental health condition of an individual.

Do not take this drug is excess doses as it can lead to harmful effects and addiction. This drug should not taken by a pregnant female and nursing female. If an individual is less than 12 years of age, then don't this drug in any situation. The individual suffering with disorder of epilepsy, metabolic disorder should take Tramacip.

Intake ofUltram may lead to some common side effects in patients. These side effects include drowsiness, shivering, irritation, nausea, indigestion, rashes.

Safety tips

  • The nursing female while taking Ultram, avoid feeding to child asit may pass thebreast milk and harm the baby.
  • However the patient never shares this drug with others, especially with drug abuse or addicted person.
  • The patient should not stop taking it suddenly as it may cause withdrawal symptoms.