Congrats! Your journey for whole life starts now. Being a mother is a commitment for at least 18 years. This happens when a girl conceives at the time when she is completely ready for it.  But…….

What for the girls who are not ready for the pregnancy? Girls who do not have any intentions of seeing their pregnancy? What about the women who barely have time for their unplanned pregnancy? What about women who are giving her 100% in career but she got pregnant accidentally? What if she has some future goals to fulfill first? Did she leave everything, and only focus on her pregnancy? Will she only have a life of a mother not as her own self? What is she has no financial or emotional support? These women surely may think about abortion. What about those women who do not have time to take appointments from doctors? What if she does not have hospital services nearby her? What is she tensed of leaking of pregnancy news? Despite all of the conditions, a woman has a complete right to living a life she wants. It is better to keep the pregnancy if a woman is completely ready to take responsibility for a baby otherwise it is better to abort it and plan another time whenever she wanted.

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Know more about MTP for Safe Abortion at Home:

MTP Kit is the solution to all problems of regarding unexpected pregnancy and abortion. This is the type of medicinal abortion that is done by using pills only.  A woman wanting an abortion but not ready to go the hospital for that can choose MTP kit and do her abortion at home without any one’s help. If she is tense about the procedure and surgical tools, then she needs to relax because firstly it is a process that is performed by using pills only. Using this way helps a woman to maintain the privacy of her unexpected pregnancy news that saves her from embarrassment and problems happen due to the leaking of pregnancy news. There are two important drugs present in one packet of MTP Kit, one is Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pill.

The working action of Mifepristone is based on its property of blocking progesterone hormone. This action breaks the uterine wall and important requirements of fetus did not get completed. The second medicine Misoprostol aims to cause strong contractions in the womb so that cervix get soften and dead fetus get expelled out in the form of bleeding and clotting.

If you have made your mind about abortion then take firstly keep one Mifepristone (200mg) tablet in mouth.  This medicine needs to be taken on an early morning when you are an empty stomach. Wait for 2 days, and on your third day administer 4 Misoprostol pills orally or vaginally. Now the abortion process finishes off and this is the time of waiting for the 14th day to come as on that day you need to go for an ultrasound test.

A user of MTP kit may face some of the side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, cramping, fever, and headache.

Important safety information regarding MTP Kit:

  • A physical examination is needed to confirm that you are eligible for using MTP Kit or not.
  • Mifepristone tablet can be taken before going to the office and then the female can actively active in whole day office but Misoprostol tablets should be taken only when she is free so that she can take rest after taking it.


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