The scenario of a girl:

A Twenty-year-old girl sits at the border of her washroom, watching two purple lines little by little emerging and, becoming darker and darker. This is hundred percent confirmed that she is pregnant -- the home pregnancy kit confirmed it.

Story of every girl facing uninvited pregnancy:

Whether you are of 30 years or 18 years, married or unmarried, poor or rich a single step of pregnancy can turn your life. An unwanted pregnancy is capable of destroying all your plans out the window.

In society, if an unmarried girl becomes pregnant then it becomes a life-threatening condition for her because of society and her family.

If you are pregnant, calm first!!!!!!!! Don't panic, decide wants to continue it or terminate it.

Now, you have three options:

  • You can choose an abortion.
  • You can give a birth to a baby and give the baby up for adoption.
  • You can decide to be a single mother (in case if your partner is not with you) raises the child.


If you choose to give wings to your future dreams, you choose abortion. Sometimes you do not have anyone support or do not have financial resources for an upcoming baby. There are many reasons behind it why a woman decided for an abortion. If you decide to get an abortion, you have to choose between a medical abortion (pills) and a surgical one.

Medical abortion is conducted with using pills. You have to consume pills according to guidelines and in last need to go for ultrasonography.

Surgical abortion is conducted in the hospital where your gynecologist a couple of days to make arrangements. This most fearful method for a woman in which local anesthesia is used to prevent pain. This is not a private method of inducing an abortion.

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Medical abortion:

Medical abortion method is mostly accepted method for abortion.

MTP Abortion Kit or medical termination of pregnancy is used to get rid of pregnancy of 9 weeks. This kit can be used easily at best place where you want to induce abortion. You can use this kit without the guidance of anyone. This is a private method which can be afforded by any woman either rich or poor can take advantage of this kit. This kit encloses two main constituents Misoprostol pill and Mifepristone pill .

MTP Abortion Kit comes in a group of progesterone inhibitor. It works by inhibiting the function of progesterone hormone, which in turn blocks the supply of oxygen and other required nutrients to the growing embryo and as a result fetal dies. Misoprostol initiates the contraction and cervix widening; it causes the removal of a dead fetus from the vagina in the form of bleeding and blood clots.

MTP Kit is a packet of five pills, one pill of Mifepristone of 200 mg and four pills of Misoprostol of 200 mcg. Consume healthy and nutritious diet for a faster recovery in your body.

Day 1: On an empty stomach, take a single dosage of  and swallow it with full glass of water via oral route

Day 3: Take rest four tablets either vaginally or orally. If orally ingesting, then ingest it a single dose.

Day 14: Go for a medical checkup for a final confirmation of abortion.

MTP Kit is medically proved a remedy for executing an abortion but you may feel some of its unwanted effects like illness, fever, heavy vaginal bleeding, fatigue, stomach issues, unsteadiness, irritation of the vagina and white release from the vagina.

Be Attentive:

  • Do not use MTP Kit in case of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Firstly take out you intrauterine device, then use MTP Kit.
  • Avoid coming in contact physically as it may increase the chances of pregnancy while executing an abortion with MTP Kit.
  • Consumption of alcohol may worsen its side effect.