A person can only feel the pain when the muscles fibers of that particular region send signals to nerve endings or the nociceptors located in brain communicating about the pain if these particular sensations get a break in between than person remain devoid of the perception of same. Pain can hit our body in many ways like sitting or standing for long hours, sleeping in the wrong posture, overusing particular muscles whilst doing exercise or any strenuous physical workout.

Fractures whilst playing in the ground or due in course of an accident, dislocation of muscles or bones whilst playing any sports, sudden jerks and falls whilst climbing up & down the stairs or getting in-out the public transport anytime you can get into the risk of muscle injury and pain. Sometimes, the hit is too intense that the musculoskeletal pain can lead to long-term immobilization of that particular region.

Medicine Pain-O-Soma is effective in curing any type of pain in the body such as muscle spasms, strain, sprain, contusions, injury, muscle fatigue, tearing, twitches, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, severe insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome & Lyme's disease. Interstitial cystitis, lupus, migraines, cluster headaches, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, restless leg syndrome, and some other severe tension headaches are well curable by the medication Carisoprodol. Patients those are suffering from chronic stages of diseases as mentioned above have to go for a different cure. This is because Pain-O-Soma can cure the pain of mild to moderate only.

Pain-O-Soma is effective Medicine to cure the pain of mild to moderate

Pain-O-Soma enclosing Carisoprodol is a muscle-relaxing agent that treats a varied range of muscular pain prevailing in the body by blocking the pain receptors-nociceptors located in the brain and the preventing the transmissions of pain to travel from the region of injury/surgery to reach the spinal cord, brain or nerve endings. Thus, breaks the communication of pain in the body and enabling the person to be free of any weird painful sensations.
Pain-O-Soma is accessible in two strengths 500mg & 350mg. If taking pills of Pain-O-Soma of 500mg strength than he has to consume the dosing for total two times in a day with the lapse of 8-12 hours but have to consume the dosing three times in a day if you are taking Pain-O-Soma 350mg medications but maintain the lapse of min 5-6 hours in between each dosing. Patients are suggested to not continue the therapy beyond 2-3 weeks as extending the same can cause risks to health. Max dosing one can take of Pain-O-Soma is 1400 mg for adults and 700mg for geriatrics and children.

Some noxious effects that users of Pain-O-Soma 350 500mg might experience include heavy head, soreness in the throat, sleepiness, fever, exhaustion, vomiting. Overdosing can cause irregular breathing, dyspepsia, nausea, giddiness, skin dryness and rashes with heavy drowsiness to fainting.

As advisory patients are recommended to not take alcohol, tobacco smoke, and caffeine. Heavy meals can delay the response to medicines. Pregnant and woman on lactation period must avoid this medication else might develop dependence in the baby, so can put adverse effects. Riding motor and handling machinery are the tasks that you must not perform after taking the dose.

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