“Look into the eyes”– You have heard it many times. Well not into them, but see around them– Eyelashes– as they are the window of the eyes. They are becoming the beauty trend now and this is why getting a lot of popularity now.  In today’s world, most women focus on their facial features and eyelashes rank top high in them. Everyone wanted to have thick black strip lashes that enhance the beauty of face so many times. For that, they use cascara, or eyeliner or other eye makeup. A woman’s eyes are supposed to be a mirror of her heart; it shows her personality, her hiding emotions and even tells the life story. This is why eyelashes come into existence as it helps them to look into anyone eyes confidently and feeling that she is beautiful.   For achieving attractive eyes, there is a demand for eyelash beautifying products.

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There are some women who are lucky enough to be born with beautiful eyes that come with darker and thicker natural eyelashes. These women did not need to do anything they are naturally attractive and for beautifying, they apply so many hard products on them which turns them broken and sparse.  In this way, they lose their natural beauty of the eyes. If you are also one who wants to get natural bigger lashes and searching for the right product, then you come to right place.

Know more about Careprost Eyedrop for Eyelash Growth:

Careprost eye drops are the best eyelash enhancer that works for all ages of women. These medicine promises of giving long eyelashes that stays for a permanent time. It is able to give look longer and thicker eyelashes without applying any other cosmetic product. This medicine gives an attractive and appealing eye look to any woman by making wonderfully long eyelashes. If your eyelashes have been falling off and don’t want to wait for so much long time then use this medicine and notice the effects within some time.  The other use of this medicine is done in the treatment of open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

How Generic Bimatoprost Eyedrop Work:

Bimatoprost is the main generic constituent present in the Careprost eye drops. It is responsible for enhancing the tent of eyelashes by increasing up the anagen phase and decreasing telegenic phase of the eyelashes growing cycle.  It expands the drainage of aqueous humor from the eye through the spongy tissue termed the trabecular network. By this mechanism, there is a proper discharge of the aqueous humor causing a reduction in the increased intraocular pressure inside the eyeball.

Careprost eye drops are easily available in dosing strength of 0.03% w/v.  It needs to be applied with the help of a sterile applicator as firstly take a single drop of the applicator then apply it on the lashes. Put-down this medication crosswise the upper lash line of each eye from inward direction to the outward one.  It is suggested to be used once daily before getting sleepy for achieving dramatic and darker lashes. This medicine needs to be continually used for 8 weeks but for complete results keep using it for 16 weeks. If this medicine is using for open-angle glaucoma, it then put a drop of Careprost eye drop in each affected eye. Then close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes without flashing or rubbing.

Careprost eye drops may cause some of the risky measures such as redness in eyes, irritation, swelling of eyes, waterlogged eyes, tear formation, dizziness, blurry vision, sensitivity to the light, and alteration of eye color. Therefore you need to take care of some of the cautious measures as before using this drug you need to take out your contact lenses but you can put them back after 15 minutes. The use of this medicine makes your vision blurry this is why it is advised to be used at night time to avoid driving.

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