Eyes play an important role in open your eyes your day starts and the moment you close your eyes in the night your day ends up on a good note. Apart from looking, eyes play a significant role in the framework so that a female gets an attractive and beautiful look. Not everyone in the world is having long thick and dark eyelashes. Therefore, this is common women use several methods and cosmetics products to make eyes beautiful. Particularly females who are working, interact with new people etc. are more curious about their look and face. These females invest lots of money and time to make eyelashes attractive and beautiful. If you are facing the same condition and using several products to make eyelashes attractive then we suggest you use a medicine called as Careprost for natural eyelashes.

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Careprost Eye Drop is a well-known medicine most frequently recommended to enhance eye lashes (hypotrichois). This careprost is made up of Bimatoprost as the main active component comes in the family of Prostaglandin analog. This medicine can also be recommended to manage open angle glaucoma. This medicine shows action by Anagen phase stretches long and the Telophase length. In eyes dilates the dermal papilla and thickens the eyelash hair appearance whereas daily usage of this medication in the eyes will shoot the synthesis process of melanin pigment. Careprost Eye Drop is an ophthalmic solution that should be used in the eye or eyelashes. Ahead of applying for this medicine, it is recommended to wash your hand and face to remove contamination. A fine brush is given in the pack, take it and instill one to two drop then begin applying for the medicine from the base of upper eyelashes. Then close your eye for so, that the medicine mixes properly to the lower eyelashes too. You can repeat the same procedure to the next eye and recommended to use the medicine once in a day preferably at night before going to sleep. You are suggested to use the medicine continuously as this may take 8 to 12 weeks to show the proper effect.

While using this medicine common unwanted effect may probably occur like watering eyes, warmth, burning, pain, inflammation and pinkish eyes, darkening under eye skin and temporary change in eye color.

Preventive measures:

While using this medicine you are suggested to use sterile applicator and always use fresh applicator brush to apply the eye medication. Don’t use in case you are allergic to any component or any similar products and food substance. If you have to use another eye drop you must maintain the gap of 10 minutes between two dosages. In case you are suffering from any medical disorder like blood disorder, eye disorder, eczema, or history of eye surgery. Prevent the use of this medicine in case you are injured, inflamed, stitched or infectious eyes.

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