Pain is an undesirable feeling that nobody wants to suffer from. It can be acute or chronic based on its intensity and duration. In case of acute pain, the ache is sharp and of short duration. In case of chronic pain, the ache is of high intensity and of long duration.

Pain can be treated easily by using an oral analgesic like Pro soma 500mg. It is used in the handling of pain occurring due to musculoskeletal conditions. It is a centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant and contains generic Carisoprodol. It helps in liberating pain due to muscle tremors limited to a small area. It has minor sedative properties due to which a person may feel slightly dizzy.

Carisoprodol blocks the interneuronal activity and decreases transmission of polysynaptic neurons in the spinal cord and the brain. The power of pain also depends on the psychological state of the sufferer. If the sufferer is positive, then he or she will less pain. But if the person suffering from pain is depressed then he or she will feel more pain.

Pro Soma 500mg acts quickly and gives relief from pain within minutes. The effect of this drug may last up to five to six hours. It has short half life and can be broken down in the liver into its active metabolite that is Meprobamate. It has minor anxiolytic properties due to which an individual may feel less stressed.

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There are some conditions in which the use of Pro soma is not advised like if the individual is suffering from acute alternating porphyria. It should also be avoided if the person is allergic to it or its active metabolite.

Pro Soma 350mg and 500mg due to its calming properties may impair the cerebral or physical capabilities necessary for everyday jobs that require your proper notice and energy like operating heavy machinery. When this drug is used for extensive period of time on a day to day basis, drug addiction can occur in the user.

Pro soma may interact with some other drugs and in some other conditions; such as consumption of sedative, anti histamines, skeletal muscle relaxant and epileptic drugs may cause interaction with this medication and alters the effects of this medication which is harmful for the body of an individual. It may also causes withdrawal symptoms like as head pain, vomiting, stomach discomfort and sleepiness. So individual should avoid sudden stopping of this drug. So individual is advised that he/she should gradually decrease the dose of this medication.

The dose of pro soma should be taken as recommended. An individual can administer this drug 3 to 4 times in a day but one dose should be taken at bedtime. It can be adjusted depending upon the condition of pain. An individual should not consume more than 1400 mg of this medication in a full day.

Administration of pro some may cause some general side effects in some individuals. These side effects do not require any medication for treatment. These side effects include shivering, irritation, rashes, nausea, indigestion and drowsiness.

There are certain precautionary points which should be kept in mind before the consumption of this medication; such as the use of alcohol should be avoided with this drug. This medication should not used by pregnant lady and lactating mothers. If an individual is lesser than 12 years of age, then the individual should not use this drug. It should not consumed in overdose and for more than recommended days, as drug addiction may occur.

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