MTP Kit has emerged as a new way of making abortion without undergoing any surgery. This method is mostly chosen by independent females because they don’t have time to take a doctor’s appointment and then wait for their turn. Things did not end here, they have to spend so many hours in hospital….Uppppssssss it is so time-consuming. On other side using MTP Kit eases a woman trouble of time management as she can do it in her free time.

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“The first time you know about your pregnancy, you feel like your whole life has been going to end. There are so many questions that strike in your mind; the first one is how you can be free from this unwanted pregnancy as soon as possible. That time when you get intimate you were high on drugs, even you were not conscious at that time. Actually that night you were in the club and somehow one of your friends has mixed some drugs in your drink. Next morning when you wake up, your head was heavy and paining a lot. Looking at your condition, you finally realized about the last night. You were in a doubt that you have done something wrong but were not clear at that time. Days go on and your missing periods realized you to take a pregnancy test. As expected, the test comes “positive”.”

MTP kit has helped so many of females by making their worry of pregnancy easier as they can use it at their home and keep the privacy of pregnancy news within themselves. One pack of MTP kit contains two generic medications namely one Mifepristone tablet 200mg orally and 4 Misoprostol 200mcg pills. In an empty stomach, there is an intake of one Mifepristone tablet by the oral way in the early morning time in an empty stomach with an abundance amount of water.  After 2 days of passing it is recommended to take 4 Misoprostol 200mcg pills through the mouth or vaginal route. Then wait for the 14th day, it is suggested to go for an ultrasound for the confirmation of the abortion process.

Now you should now, what will happen when you take MTP Kit: As Mifepristone enters in the body; it immediately stops the action of the progesterone hormone that cuts off the supply of nutrients leading to fetal death. It also causes the breaking of the uterus lining which disconnects the fetus leading to fetal death. The second medication when goes into the body causes uterine contractions so that fetal contents get out of the body in the form of bleeding and clotting.

You may expect some of the risky measures after taking MTP Kits such as infections, heavy vaginal blood loss, headache, unusual tiredness, uterine cramping, abdominal pain, cramps, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and diarrhea. There some advisory points are: Avoid lifting any heavy object or any exercise as it may increase the chances of vaginal bleeding. Don’t take alcohol as it may increase the side effects associated with this medicine.

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