One day Anna was looking her pictures of the college days and was comparing the changes with the recent one, a short tour that she had made with her college friends. It was an awesome get together with friends and a valuable time to cherish the old golden days. The chits chats were too long that actually, no one is listening to the other everyone was busy telling her life but that’s also has a different fun. Suddenly while flipping through the pics on her desktop she realized that something has changed with her face in the past 7 years but what has changed was not actually the tough task to find. On zooming up the picture she realized a clear change in her eyes. They were looking bald of no eyelashes as the number of lashes curtaining her eyes was not so enough to enhance the beauty of the person.

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She immediately logged into Photoshop and put fake lashes on her eyes and then she was mesmerized by seeing the change in her eyes looks and found a new grace on her face. She ordered a pack of fake lashes and was happy with the response she is getting after putting the lashes on her face. But it’s really a difficult task to manage time for putting the fake lashes and the big problem is that when you don’t put the lashes on your face you feel annoyed of yourself. On searching the internet she found a medicine with the name Careprost. This is an outstanding formulation to re-grow the long eyelashes with enough density.

Careprost has Bimatoprost as the active entity that works in a natural way to induce the synthesis of melanin pigment and stretches the time of the Anagen phase of eyelash hair growth cycle this serves the best effect for the longevity of the eyelashes. Dermal papilla dilation results in the thickening of the eyelash hairs. Altogether the trio-effect builds the density of the eyelashes and makes eyes look fuller, thicker and longer.

Follow these steps to use the Careprost Eye Drop in the correct manner: 

  • Take a cotton swab put cleanser over it and then wipe off the makeup from the eyes.
  • Take the contact lenses out of eyes and the pour a drop of Careprost medication over the applicator brush and begin with the application of the medication from the inner corner of an eye to extending to the outer
  • Now close your eyes and let the solution to spread to the lower eyelid too best if you go sleep after that

Some malicious effects of using Careprost Eye Drop:

Itching, burning, stinging, watering and warmth in eyes, some might get dryness and an ill feel of something is annoying in the eyes

Some cautionary steps one can take with Careprost Eye Drop:

Say no to Careprost eye drop if you have any wound, injury, inflammation, infection in eyes or you have recently undergone a surgery

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