From the side of men or from the side of women, both need to have physical chemistry. The love and affection happen more with your physical intimacy session. The only barrier that comes in the way to best sensual pleasure is your defective erection. Most people observe problems in their erection due to stress or tension. Lacking in your manliness result in sensual frustration and sensual incompleteness. The lack of sensuality from the side of your man is the root problem of your poor relationship. To build in harmony in your love life, use Cenforce. This medication will help you to have better sensual chemistry. Do not let your erection become poor; you must begin with this erection enhancement pills. Those are available in a market widely. You must use this pill to make your physical life enjoyable and pleasing. Never let ED affect your relationship. With your increasing sensual chemistry, your love life will also increase day by day.

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Cenforce is the brand for generic composition as Sildenafil. This medicine belongs to PDE5 inhibitor class. Phosphodiesterase enzyme causes the breaking up of cGMP present in the penile region. After degeneration of cGMP, there will be a lesser amount of cGMP in the penile region. This will result in a lesser erection. To upgrade your erection, you are advised to use this drug so that cGMP count will increase this will bring about vasodilation process and hence there will be fast blood circulation across the blood vessels. This will finally result in a penile erection.

This medicine is available as strengths like 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg. There is a requirement of using a single tablet before one hour of physical intimacy act. The action will start soon in about 30 minutes and the action will remain for about 4-5 hours duration. You must take the next dose only after 24 hours of the first dosage. This should be consumed orally with enough of water.

There are some contraindications that are needed to be followed always:

  • Do not allow using of this medicine in severe allergic reactions.
  • Do not allow using of this medicine if you are using Nitrate drugs.
  • Do not allow using of this medicine if your age is below 18 years.
  • Do not allow using of this medicine if your erection is painful.

Safety Advice:

  • Totally cease drinking up of alcohol and grapefruit juices as those interact to result in side issues.
  • Also, lower the excess of fatty food as those will bring about lessening of absorption rate.
  • Cardiac patients should use this drug only after doctor permission.
  • One may have high dizziness so they should avoid driving or operating machinery.

Some common forms of harmful issues that may get precipitated are as nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, flushing, palpitation, painful erection, muscle pain, back pain, and dizziness.

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