Taking a leap towards motherhood is a big step. It needs mental and physical balance. An unready couple who does not want a baby for some time takes precautions to keep pregnancy at bay. Sometimes carelessness may lead to unwished gestation. Although pregnancy is a big happiness for those, who are not in favor of it feels shocked when they come to know about it.

No couple would prefer an unwanted journey towards parenthood when they do not want it. For parenting you have to take time out for your kids, you need to spend time with your baby. You have to feed him or her. You have to be cautious about your baby. There should be someone with your baby every time. One more thing is breastfeeding which is important. So, a woman has to drop her outdoor activities or she has to halt if she is working. When all conditions are met then only she can think about her gestation. If she cannot take time for her baby or she is planning for motherhood later but has become pregnant unknowingly. At such circumstance, she can choose MTP Kit as an option to thwart her pregnancy. This is the best approach for undergoing an abortion step.

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MTP Kit generics: Mifepristone and Misoprostol

These both components are helpful in eliminating the fetus, which is unrequired. These components work over your pregnancy in eliminating it safely.

Progesterone hormone: This hormone plays an important role in transferring nutrition towards the fetus for nourishment and growth. This hormone is produced through ovaries, placenta, and adrenal glands.

Mifepristone: This when used ceases the transfer of nutrition to developing fetus and hence the fetus dies inside the uterus.

Misoprostol: This incorporates vasodilation and contraction thereby removes fetus out from the womb. Ultimately, you would be set free from undesired pregnancy.Now you can buy misoprostol online fast shipping at best price

Gestation timing: This kit is used for a pregnancy that is below 9 weeks.

Dosing scheme: This kit comprises of one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol.

  •  Intake single pill each Mifepristone 200 mg with water via orally.
  • Keep a gap of two days, then
  • On the third day, Intake four pills of Misoprostol each 200 mcg with water orally or vaginally.
  • Keep a gap of 14 days, then
  • On 14th day, verify your abortion.


Some highlighted contraindications that have to be followed:

  • One should not have an abortion with those pills whenever she is in ectopic pregnancy case.
  • One should not have an abortion with those pills whenever she is highly sensitive to its components.
  • One should not have an abortion with those pills whenever she is using corticosteroids or anti-coagulants.

Major precautions that have to be followed while using this kit for an abortion:

  • Keep yourself away from alcoholic drinks and grapefruit juices as those interfere with your drug function.
  • Take your IUD's out from uterus before going for an abortion step.
  • Heavy dizziness arises out after an abortion procedure so avoid tough tasks.
  • Eat and drink healthy to balance the nutrition lost.


Some people are highly prone to harmful issues such as stomach cramps, feeling tired, weakness, belly pain, dizziness, headache, vaginal discharge, loose stools, and upset stomach.

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