Erection problem is an issue of serious health concern in this modern era when it comes to men health. Erectile dysfunction or impotency is the physical condition characterized by the inability to attain and maintain a stiff and prolonged erection during sensual stimulation.  Most people suffering from sensual dysfunctions see it as a sign of weakness, shame, guilt and are down cast by family and society’s stigma to seeking help.

When it comes to erection problems, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation become the first that strikes the mind. The causes responsible for erectile dysfunction can be multi fractional, falling broadly into issues related to the body, mind, medications, and relationships.

Erectile disorders leave a man with distress and interpersonal strain, affecting the quality of sensual life. A man feels hopelessness, lack of confidence and loose interest in sensual activities. Even he feels ashamed and hesitates to discuss the problem of erectile dysfunction with his friends, partner or with a medical practitioner. But, don't worry you are not the only one who is suffering from erectile disorders. One in every 10 men is suffering from this problem. We have for you a best possible solution that helps you to rejuvenate your lost power and allows you to stay longer in bed during lovemaking sessions. Yes, we are talking about the medicine Levitra. Levitra adds fun and a sense of well being in your daily life.


Levitra: A Magic Bullet To Put An End To Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra contains the generic Vardenafil as an active ingredient. Vardenafil offers an adequate blood flow to the penile arteries thus leading to a prolonged and stiff erection. Vardenafil is a Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. PDE-5 is the enzyme responsible for the degradation of cyclic GMP. cGMP facilitates efficient blood flow to the male genital part which is a necessity to achieve a normal erection.

One tablet of Levitra 60 mg is to be taken orally with plenty of water. It is recommended to take Levitra 60 minutes before planned intercourse. The onset of action starts with in 15 minutes of taking Levitra. Do not take more than one tablet a day as this may lead to overdose. The next dose is to be taken after 24 hours of taking the previous dose. Do not ever crush, chew, break and dissolve the tablets.

Some common side effects associated with the use of Levitra are nausea, vomiting, mild headaches gastric irritation, drowsiness, dizziness and visual disturbances. However, these side effects are only mild to moderate and only last for a short duration of time. The intensity of effects depends on the patient tolerability and may vary from person to person.

Pay attention to the following safety measures while taking Levitra 60mg:

• Never use this Levitra if you are relying on organic nitrates for the treatment of hypertension as these drugs act as poppers and decrease the blood pressure to a fatal level.
• Do not consume grapefruit juice or heavy fatty meal with Levitra as these interfere with the absorption of drug
• Levitra is not recommended for men below 18 years of age
• Have a talk with your doctor if you have a previous medical history of a painful erection which lasts for more than four hours
• Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking Levitra

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