When a man is in-charge of the bed than the session turns both romantic and sizzling. As compared to women, men are able to connect better with their lover/sensual/feminine partner. They love their women in such a wonderful way that every woman feels admired and desired. Unlike women, men do not expect any admiration to connect to their partner.

All men are straightforward and are always 30 times more charged than women ...Wanna know why? As the level of testosterone in men is 30% higher to women so what in actual does it signify... Aha! It clearly depicts one single thing that men want intimacy more often than women do.

They like being wild and they really appreciate the wildness of their partner in the bed as this stimulates them fast and assists them to attain better hardness into their organ. Longer, enjoyable, wilder are the characteristics that depict men in bed so the tag of "Erectile Dysfunction" on men is the weirdest dream that a man can have in their deadliest dream.

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A man who suffers from this disease is said not been able to attain sturdy and perfect erection into their penile organ so, in turn, they become devoid to relish that sensual pleasure they used to enthuse earlier. Medicine Cenforce or Sildenafil citrate tablets urges strong virile emotions in men to carry out their sensual session impeccably well means without any delay in attaining an erection and when attaining that hardness into the penile then it remains lasting for an appreciable duration of time to please the couple with everlasting sensual fun.

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Medicinally, the available use of Cenforce are 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg.

A man should take the dosing of Cenforce 50 mg (enclosed generic Sildenafil citrate) with colossal water 50 minutes prior to getting physical with a partner. Patient has to take this medication in an intact form that is without crushing or breaking. This medication can be taken either before or after having the meals. Once you take the dose of Cenforce then you be able to relish the intimacy pleasure for duration 5to6 hours.

Adverse reactions that might develop unease in some male patients includes facial flushing, dryness of mouth, pain and shakiness of muscles, swelling is also observed on lips, feet, and eyelids of the men, pain in lower back and slight headache with nausea is also a suffering in men patients.

Some preventive measures that might prove immensely beneficial in male patients are an evasion of booze, say no to abuse of tobacco smoke, junkie, and greasy foods. Do not consume grapefruit juice, caffeinated beverages in simultaneous with Cenforce 50 mg medication as it might develop some noxious effects. Do not drive motor or operate any sophisticated machinery else can get an injury.