man's sensual performance with his woman is an inseparable part of who he is.  How a man romance with his woman tells about how much love is between them.

It is a responsibility of a man towards his woman  to dine her, cuddle with her, surprise her, compliment her hair, shop with her, listen to her talk, buy flowers, hold her hand, write love letters, and be willing to go to the end of the earth and back again for her. These all things make a woman feel more special and in turn strengthen their love bonding.

God has given different means to a woman to express the essence of her sensuality—"her femaleness". She expresses her love by her naughty gestures, by her expressions and by her way of talking.  A woman has a thirst of sensual satisfaction by his man. If a man fails in this task of bedroom activity then every love activity vanishes.

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Whatever a man does to make her woman happy but sensual intimacy always comes at the top of that. Therefore, it is important for a man to satisfy her woman sensually with his hot body moves.  Continuously failing in bed may make a man far from his woman. There is no value of love and care remains if a man is not able to satisfy her woman's physical needs.
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Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg is the best medicine recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or you may say continuous failure in bed. Erectile trouble is a problem that a man faces to maintain or uphold the erection for a longer time of intimacy. This medicine is effective to any age more than 18 years and what kind of erectile failure a person may have and helps a man to perform well in bed.  Cenforce 100 . Cenforce 150 and  Cenforce 200 mg is a medicine that encloses a magical generic compound called Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) as its active constituent.

Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is placed in a category of powerful PDE-5(phosphodiesterase) enzyme inhibitor. It blocks the fragmentation of cGMP by blocking the functioning of the PDE-5 enzyme. During the time of sensual awakening in a man's body, the body tends to discharge Nitric Oxide (NO). Discharge of Nitric oxide leads to the further creation and maintenance of cGMP in the male sensual part. It causes dilation of blood vessels and blood starts flowing with high velocity in male sensual part.  This results in a sturdy and firm erection for a longer time.

Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg is commercially available in a dosing strength of 100 150 and 200 mg accessible in the form of tablets. To overcome your erectile trouble, you need to consume a single tablet of Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg via the oral route 45minutes prior to making love with your partner with a colossal amount of water. The action of one tablet of Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg remains in the body for around 4-6 hours so keep a gap of a day before taking the next dose of Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg.

Cenforce 100 , Cenforce  150 and Cenforce 200 mg is completely safe to consume but it may lead to various adverse effects like nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, clearing of vision, stomach discomfort, pelvic pain, stomach upset, indigestion and dyspepsia.

Be preventive!

• It is advised to you to not perform tasks such as driving or handling heavy equipment as Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg causes dizziness and blurred vision so risk to accident or injury rises.

• Consumption of alcohol is inadvisable while using Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg as it may enhance the risk of side effects.
• A man undergoing treatment with Cenforce 100 150 and 200 mg is recommended to keep himself away from nitrate medications as it may cause a severe decline in blood pressure.