Sensuality not only means mating of two people but far more than our expectation. Famous researchers describe intimacy as a complete response cycle that begins with excitement--reaches to plateau stage-then couple experiences orgasm and the whole phase of bodily connection meet the fate, which is a resolution.

Experts say when two people roll them between sheets and allow their bodies to connect then this brings calmness to their nerves and the stress get relieved,

• Pain present in body get healed when we get intimate because our body produces a chemical called Endorphin that act as natural painkiller in body
• The people who are more sexually active are studied to be less anxious in their day-to-day life
• When two people mating reaches to their climax called orgasm than their body releases, a strong chemical called Oxytocin that gives a feeling of warmth, fuzzy & post-orgasm bliss. Thus assists two people to develop a strong bonding

• Intimacy makes your heart to race, BP & breathing to elevate and sensitize skin, secondary sexual organs and intimate organs of men and women. And when the pleasure gets the top notch the tension in muscles and blood-vessel engorgement reach to peak. So, this is the best of any exercise that one can do anywhere at any time in any style they want.
• Intimacy said to hike productivity at the office when you make it in between your working nights as that of weekends. They feel more engaged & oriented towards their work when they make it in their own way.


A better sensually engaged night lasts its effect equal to both men and women, in the night it improves the quality of sleep whereas in the day it makes you energized, satisfied and more engaged to your work. But those men who have ED in their penile organ can't give all this to their partner and remain stressed and agitated."Buy online ed drug online from Buymedicine247online in USA"

So intake of Fildena medicine consisting active component Sildenafil Citrate would turn the best choice for the couple who are not unable to have sensual fun and satisfaction because of the flaccid penile organ. Taking Fildena medicine in strength 50mg, 100mg an hour before making love in bed with colossal water invites stiffness and awesome erection in the men organ for 4-5 hours but do not repeat this dose before 24 hours.

Fildena when going into blood circulation it bounds the function of enzyme PDE5 and brings hike to the concentration of cGMP along with a surge of NO. This causes relaxation of penile muscles and dilation of blood vessels in the groin region due to which a higher concentration of blood get to circulate in this organ that later turns this organ stiff and sturdy.

Fildena in some men develops some short-term side effects that are like a headache, rigidity in back and muscles of legs, dryness of skin and of mouth with slight blur vision. But precautions such as the omission of booze, cigarette smoke and avoiding beverages like grapefruit juice and coffee in excess will guard men against many shortcomings. Men are suggested to skip heavy meals with this medicine and must use a drug that contains Nitrates in it. Avoid riding bike & controlling machine after medicine use.

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