There occur some instances when women came to know about their pregnancy surprisingly especially when they miss out their menstruation dates and check their pee via the HCG pregnancy determination kit. As soon as the test strip flashes two dark pink lines it is the guarantee to your conception or says pregnancy.

The positive pregnancy test result does not always bring positive after effects and the probability to same are many such as women under stressed mental state, not keeping good in her health. A pregnancy that occurs in women due to forceful insect or molestation brings only hatred in the women. Bereavement, fighting or divorce with spouse and distrust in the relation of couple puts a negative influence on the mind of the women and she seeks ways to discard the pregnancy from her uterus.

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Teenage pregnancy and conception at that notch of a career that can completely turn the life of the women are also not acceptable in female population so instead to fight or struggle with the medical condition they look out for a measure that can swipe out the unwanted fetus out from their womb. One such method is medical abortion that is abortion under the assistance of pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills available in a pack of MTP Kit.
Pill of Mifepristone 200mg when given to women orally with plenty of water on an empty stomach in early morning the fetus turns to debris due to lack of oxygenated blood supply, inhibition of the pregnancy hormone progesterone that are crucial to develop pregnancy and the uterine lining to which the fetus attach to attain nutrition for the growth.

Whereas when the women are repeated with second dosing of 4 pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg after the lapse of 48 hours then there develops the strong contractile motions within the uterus that drench the pregnancy or the fetal tissues out the uterus. The two methods by which the women can swallow the MTP Kit medications is either by putting the pills between the gum and cheek or can put the same deep into the vaginal cavity. It's crucial to visit OB/GYN for the confirmation of abortion after 14 days.

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Unpleasant effects that women might come across after consuming the pills of MTP Kit are vomiting, headache, stiffness in back, fatigue in body, myalgia and tremors into muscles of legs, chills, frequent mood swings, abdominal cramps of higher intensity, heavy bleeding of menstruation, upset digestion, fever, restlessness and difficulty whilst sleep.

Women must take some cautions when they take this medication such as the omission of booze, tobacco smoke, junk foods and medications of opiates and narcotics must not be taken with MTP Kit medication. Women are suggested to take out their IUD prior they decide to place the pills deep in their vaginal cavity.  There is a rule of no intimacy and no to strenuous activity such as motor riding, weight lifting and operation of heavy machinery after taking abortion pills. Women those are having ectopic pregnancy must not consume this medication.

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