You spend your most of the time over Instagram putting and editing your eye specially lashes to make it look beautiful. Although you do not have a good one but you make it fake on social websites. People watch your photos thinking its original but when they see you, you could not hide anything. Your eyelashes that were looking fabulous on Instagram were not exactly the same. It was embarrassing when people called you fake for uploading edited photos. To stop all this nuisance, you one day discovered a solution to have long and strong eyelashes permanently. This was Careprost eye drop.

After applying this solution for some weeks, your eyelashes grow longer and denser. This time you wanted to show everyone your natural beauty so uploaded some pics and videos of your magnetic eyes. Within few minutes, you received a huge number of likes. After gaining denser eyelashes, your love for your lashes grew and every day you posted pics of your eyelashes. You also send some of your pictures for an audition. After few months, you were selected for a role in a short film. Later director told you that it was only because of your pretty eye that you were selected for this film. Buy Careprost Eye Drops - Bimatoprost Ophthalmic online at cheap price.

Careprost did much for you that none other medication could do. Now every time you look your eyes, you remember Careprost magic. This medicine is 100% efficient in making your eyes beautiful. Almost everyone is using this product and feel the change within themselves.

Our eyelashes have a cycle of three phases, which involves 5 to 12 months. In Anagen stage, hair becomes longer and lasts for about one to two complete months. After this stage completes, Catagen stage starts and remains for about 15 days. Later Telogen phase in which lash remains inside the skin.

Once Anagen starts, the new hair keeps pushing the older hair out through the follicle. Careprost (Generic Bimatoprost) functions by letting the lash remain in the anagen phase for a quite longer time. This raises lash growing time and forms longer lashes. The intensity with which lash forms increases and fall out of older lash slows down.

You may see growth within four weeks and complete results will be seen after 16 weeks. The important thing is that you have to follow correct dosing scheme. It is advised that before you start using Careprost eye solutions be sure to wash your hands.
Take a slight drop over the applier. Then begin using it through the bottom of lashes of each eye. Let your eyes close for a few time so that it is applied to your lower lashes. Absorb the excess of the drops with the tissue paper. You must apply it once daily before you go to sleep.


Safety precautions to follow:

•    Before applying Careprost eye drops, remove your contact lenses and reinsert them into eyes after maintaining fifteen min time gap of Careprost use.
•    Do never touch the tip of applier and tip of the bottle, as it can lead to contamination of the complete solution.
•    If you have to put any other eye drop then you should maintain a period of 5 min interval in between any 2 different eye drops.
•    Use sterile applicator always.
Contraindications to follow:
•    Due to any allergic symptom with Bimatoprost, cease its usage.
•    If you have undergone surgery or you have an eye inflammation within the past, report your doctor.

Some ill effects with Careprost eye drops are as vision changes, feeling of something in the eye, sensitivity towards an eye, redness, itchiness of eye, burning sensation, dryness, eye discharge, and darkening of protective fold skin.