John entered the club, everyone was dancing and it was feeling like he had walked into another world. His eyes stopped on a girl wearing a skirt and blue top. Her name was Ellie. Ellie was the first to go to the bar to get the drinks in. She was flirting with the boys. He reached to take a drink and she blocked his way and gave a look that could kill him by eyes.

"God! She was looking damn hot" John speaks to himself.  Then he noticed Ellie was making her way back over to him with a drink in her hand.


"Quick follow me," Ellie said. John had not a chance to ask why; she was walking off in the opposite direction of the bar. He does not have a clue where he was going with her and they reached in a room. Ellie pulled John down on the bed and had her tongue shoved down in his mouth. She was playing with his lips.

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"Come on darling! Have fun this night," Ellie said.

John hugged Ellie tightly and make loves bite on her neck.

"Oooouchhhhhh, you are too hot...ummmmm........" Ellie said.

Then suddenly John found himself disinterested in Ellie. He started leaving the room by saying that he had to go because of some important work to do.

Ellie gave an angry look at him and said "impotent" to him. John also knew that he was facing some problem in his erection.

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