Pregnancy is something that happens to women when two people who love each other stay with each other and are sensually engaged with each other whereas abortion to women happens when she becomes pregnant and she had no wish to procreate. This is the simple thing or phenomenon that our men dominated society should understand because it's happening because of them. Pregnancy can happen to the women any time but it comes under the light when she skips the date of her monthly periods. Begins to feel pain in her tits and mammary gland and the same looks fuller and larger or when she begins to have the fastening of breath, extreme fatigue in her body, trembling in her muscles of legs or when the fragrance of deo or aroma of food nauseates her. All these are crucial and primary signs that can hit the women in first 5 weeks of her pregnancy. All these indications alleges a woman to buy a pregnancy detection kit to confirm that the doubt she is having in her mind is the same in real, that is "unwanted pregnancy". Now, when something is already declared unwanted by the owner that is women who are the holder of the production unit for the baby. Then it's obvious that she is not at all interested in letting the sperms who fused her eggs to wander inside her uterus or might be the men from which she has conceived is not the same from actually she wanted to conceive.


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MTP Kit is the most sold product around the world for providing the best service to the women who are not interested in converting their unwanted pregnancy to the young one. A woman can consume MTP Kit max up to gestation age of 9 weeks. The active modules that are holed up within the kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medication that functions to shatter the surge of progesterone hormone crucial for supplying the nutrition, oxygen, essential nutrients and support the fetus for the development through the myometrial, endometrial lining and umbilical cord. Thus, inhibition of hormone inhibits the further growth and development of the fetus and turns it to debris that later gets evacuated from the uterus from the softened and dilated the cervix.

Consume 1 pill of Mifepristone 200mg orally with colossal water on an empty stomach and then after the lapse of 36 hours take all 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg either sub-lingual or by placing the same deep inside the vagina. Now, you should wait for 14 days counting from the first day of the therapy initiation and then visit the OBGYN with a TVS Ultrasound done to confirm the termination of pregnancy and the complete evacuation of the debris from the uterus.

Adverse effects that a woman might get after the intake of these pills are feeling of queasiness, headache, gastric distress, diarrhea, chills, fever, trembling and pain in muscles or back, abdominal cramps and intense vaginal bleeding.

Precautions that women should take when she decided to take MTP KIT pills is that she should go for a  TVS ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy she has conceived is not an ectopic pregnancy as abortion pills cannot drain the ectopic pregnancy. TVS Ultrasound is also important after abortion to confirm that no debris is left in the uterus. Take rest, do no strenuous exercise, avoid getting intimate after the pills intake or until bleed. Women must take out there IUD prior placing the pills inside their vagina.