Pain is an obnoxious and disagreeable sensation, which may create the feeling like illness, sadness, discomfort and uneasiness. This is also termed as agony, misery or aches and occurs due to the damage to ligaments, muscles, tissues, and also due to the malfunctioning of sensory nerves.

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Pain-o-soma is a brilliant and proficient drug therapy to treat various acute as well as chronic muscle pain of the body.

Nowadays, naturopathy or other natural alternatives are also used to treat pain, along with the drug therapy to get maximum effects.

Various methods of pain therapy:

  • Chemical drug therapy: This is the effective pain relief medication for those patients, who have hectic life style or schedule. In this method, different active chemical compounds are used to treat pain. For example, Generic Carisoprodol for treating various types of muscle pain.
  • Massage: This methods helps by increasing natural serotonin and endorphins levels (both chemicals are naturally found in the body and possess pain killing and mood regulator activity), and decrease the hormonal stress level.     
  • Yoga and meditation: It is a successful way to reduce various types of pain like lower back pain, migraine and headache by promoting the relaxation.
  • Acupuncture: It is an ancient time therapy in which a tiny needle is inserted into a specific part of the body and improves the functioning of musculoskeletal and nervous system of the body, which is one of the common causes of the pain.
  • Herbal remedy: In this method, pain is treated with the help of various types of herbs and supplements.

Carisoprodol is a chemically active compound, which is used to treat moderate and severe muscle pain of the body, by changing the perception of nervous system, i.e. brain, towards muscle pain. It is a brand name of Pain O Soma, which possess efficient muscle relaxant activity.

Available doses of various dosage form of drug: 350 and 350 mg

Indications of Pain O Soma 350mg:

  • Muscle stress, strain and sprain
  • Muscle pain occurs after surgery or injury

Buy Pain O Soma 350mg Generic Carisoprodol to get efficient remedy to reduce the symptoms of various painful musculoskeletal conditions, i.e. tension, muscle twist, injury, etc.

Who should not take Pain O Soma 350mg?

This drug is proficiently used to treat various types of muscular pain but, the therapeutic effect of this drug may get reduced due to the availability of other CNS medicines, when taken altogether. This may cause drug- drug interaction and causes various harmful adverse effects in the patient. For instance, Benzodiazepines, opioid analgesic, tricyclic antidepressants and alcohol based products.

The treatment via this drug is contraindicated in some medical issues, i.e. allergic to the active or inactive ingredient of this drug, epilepsy and any brain or spinal injury.

How should you take Pain O Soma 500mg?

It is an oral drug, which is to be taken by mouth, with or without meal. This drug should be taken 3 to 4 times or every 4 to 6 hours in a day, with water.

You may take Pain O Soma 500mg to treat severe and chronic muscle pain of the body, but the dose of this drug should not be exceeding to 1400 in a day, for normal adult as it can lead to unwanted effects.

The dose adjustment should be done prior giving this drug to certain category of patients, i.e. older patients and patients who are suffering from renal or hepatic disorders. These patients should take this drug with utmost care.

Overdosing symptoms of Pain O Soma 350mg are CNS and respiratory depression, hallucination, blurred vision and muscular in-coordination, etc. Serotonin syndrome is one of the common causes of the intoxication of this medicine. These effects do not last for long.

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