Abortion means hindering the development of a fetus or facilitating its expulsion prior the completion of gestation cycle. Abortion in women can be bought by two means the first one is by taking the abortion pills and the second option is the surgical removal of the fetus from the uterus by the aid of surgical instruments and the vacuum application. 

Abortion done before12 weeks is termed as an early abortion and can be bought by the intake ofabortion pills but up to gestation age of max 9 weeks when taking MTP Kit and 7weeks when taking Mifepristone or Misoprostol pills. Abortion after 9 weeks of gestation can be bought by D&E (Dilation & Evacuation) method and laterto 12 weeks (late gestation) abortion can only be bought by the aid and assistance of surgical methods under Anesthesia.

Reasons to abortion are many like family planning, poor financial condition, serious disease or infection in women body, girls under age of 18 years and women when emotionally not happy in her relationship opts for abortion whereas some opt this option because they want to build their career first rather than procreating the young one.

The brands accessible under the category abortion pills are Mifeprex, Mifegyne, RU486, Korlymben closing generic Mifepristone whereas the brand Cytotec enfolds Misoprostol asits active constituent. The combinational pack of the two generic Mifepristoneand Misoprostol is also available by the name MTP Kit or MT Pill.

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Mifepristone in woman works by inhibiting the surge of LH and Progesterone hormone, which plays acrucial role in the development of fetal tissues by supplying oxygen andnutrition via placenta and endometrial lining to which the fetus attached and grow. Mifepristone competitively binds to the Progesterone Receptor and cause shedding of this endometrial lining.

Misoprostol on the other shows pharmaceutical response by stimulating the strong contractile and pulsatile movements within the womb dueto which fetus loose connection with uterus lining and gets extruded out of thewomb in form of vaginal bleeding.

Women when decides to consume Mifepristone or its brands that she has to consume 3 pills of the sameas a single dose each of strength 200mg with colossal water in early morning onan empty stomach and then has to wait for 2 days prior visiting the physician for getting an ultrasound done for the confirmation of complete abortion. Ifthe report shows some debris insideuter us than have to put 2 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each deep in the vaginal cavity or under the tongue.

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But the case when women opt to take Misoprostol or its brand then she has to simply put the setof 4 pills of the same each of strength 200mcg deep in her vagina or has toswallow the same by placing the pills between the cheeks and the gum. This procedure has to be repeated for 2 more time after the constant gap of 3-4hours. Thus in this way, women have to consume all 12 pills present in theblister pack of Misoprostol.  Visitingthe physician after 2 days is a necessarystep to confirm termination.

A woman who opts to consume MTP Kit, she has to consume Mifepristone 200mg orally with water on empty stomach. Then after the lapse of 2 days has to consume 4 Misoprostolpills either sublingually or placing pills vaginally each o 200mcg. Now, visit a physician after 14 days to confirm termination.

Side effects that are common with abortion pills are flushing, nausea, diarrhea, gastric upset, blurryvision, headache, abdominal cramp, sleeplessness, irritation and heavy vaginalbleeding.

Some discreet measuresthat can prevent women from more suffering of pain are strict avoidance of alcohol intake, tobacco smoke, and caffeine. Do not perform anystrenuous task, take complete rest, fresh fruit juice,and healthy vegetables or other health supplements to make up the blood loss. Onemost crucial step is the removal of anIUD from the vagina before placing pills intra-vaginally. Ultrasound is necessarybefore taking an abortion pill to confirmthat unwanted pregnancy is not the ectopic, as this cannot be treated by takingabortion pills.

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