Sensual fantasy is deeply engrossed in everyone's mind. We after attaining some age wants to be physical with the person we love. Amy and Jamie were lovers and their love chemistry had started right from their graduation days. Everything was smooth in their relationship but one day when they actually wanted to have lovemaking, their dreams ended. This happened due to ED issue.

Disability in your erection is a common issue these days. Many couples are finding it hard to satisfy their partners. The reason behind lesser erection is your poor quality of blood flowability. Not being able to keep up an erection while intimacy is a subject of worry but there is no need to worry about when you are already having Levitra. This single pill will revitalize your sensuality and proves worth in atonement of an erection. Jamie after facing ED issue used this single pill and was able to get an erection. Both Amy and Jamie were happily involved along with each other. Nothing could stop them now. The next morning they were exhausted totally. Their sensual life was taken to another level with this amazing pill.

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Vardenafil commonly found generic under the brand named as Levitra. This medicine is known to help in relaxation of penile muscles for faster circulation through vessels. This medicine is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor. This works upon by controlling the functionality of PDE5 thereby accelerates cGMP number in penile vessels. The good count of cGMP will lead to vasodilation process and thus improves the blood circulation throughout.

This medicine is available as 60 mg. There is a need to engulf single tablet before one hour of physical intimacy session. The onset of action begins as soon as 30 minutes and the action will last for longer than 4-5 hours duration. The second dose must be taken only after 24 hours of the first dosage. Have it orally with ample water.

Contradictory features that have to be followed always:

  • One person should never use this if they get highly sensitive towards this.
  • One person should never use this if their age is under 18 years.
  • One person should never use this if using Nitrate forms.
  • One should never use it when your erection becomes painful.

Precautions that are needed to be followed always:

  • Stay away from heavy drinking as well as grapefruit juice use.
  • To exclude effects of dizziness, never indulge in any activity.
  • Control using an excess of fats as those will lower down the activity of the drug.

Some side issues that are possible are as Vision trouble, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, back pain, painful erection, and flushing.

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