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Muscular agony is a very common condition, which is caused due to various reasons like overuse of muscles, muscle injury, accident, physical damage, dislocation of bones and trauma. An individual may suffer pain at any phase or at any time.

Nowadays, everybody has a busy and hectic schedule. To earn more money, fame and get a reputation, everyone doing hard work from early morning to till night. They don't have sufficient time to take care of themselves and they avoid their health and fitness. Due to a busy schedule, individual do not get enough time for physical exercise, yoga, jogging, bicycling, which are very important for the human body to keep fit and fine. They realize the intensity of pain when the pain becomes severe and start giving a problem and create lots of trouble in your healthy and happy life. In the condition of chronic pain, people start searching for the best, effective and potent therapy to manage the pain. But, they don't find any remedy, which gives immediate action and gives relief from pain.

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Functioning of generic Carisoprodol-

Generic Carisoprodol is widely employed by those people who are suffering from moderate to severe muscular pain. Generic Carisoprodol works on the central nervous system, which exhibits analgesic and sedative actions. It exhibits some action by blocking the transmission of pain sensation between the nerves and central nervous system.

Doses of Pain-o-soma-

The available doses of Pain-o-soma are 350mg and 500mg. An individual should take Pain-o-soma tablet via the oral route with a full glass of water. It may be administered with or without food.

Dose of Pain-o-soma 350mg- two to three times in a day

Dose of Pain-o-soma 500mg- two times in a day

Don't ingest Pain-o-soma tablet in certain medical conditions like hypersensitivity towards generic Carisoprodol, kidney or liver disorder, cardiac disorder, asthma or breathing disorder and stomach problems.

While using Pain-o-soma medicine, you may suffer numerous adverse effects like stomach upset, severe headache, skin rashes, drowsiness, chest pain and shallow breathing.

Important points should be kept in mind-

  • Long-term consumption of generic Carisoprodol is strictly inadvisable as it may cause drug addiction.
  • This therapy should be always taken with proper rest and physical exercise.
  • Avoid use of alcohol with pain-o-soma as it may increase the risk of adverse effects.
  • Don't use any sleeping pills, narcotic and opioid analgesic drugs with pain-o-soma as it may boost the sedation.
  • Pediatric patients under the age of 12 years should not consume this drug.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding moms should not ingest this drug without doctor's consult.
  • Never stop the immediate intake of the drug as it may cause withdrawal symptoms like a severe headache, difficulty in breathing, insomnia and trouble in proper concentration.

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