Jessica is a smart young girl of 22 and she was engaged with a boy just after finishing her graduation. She was completely focused towards making her career and still, she has to attain much in her career to fulfill her future goals. Although, she was aware of modern contraceptives and she was a regular user of these contraceptives because she wants to make her career first before having a child. Suddenly, one day while sitting on the couch at her home, she started feeling nausea, headache, and fatigue. She got confused and suddenly she remembers that last month her boyfriend forced her to have an unguarded intimate session. Once she found out that she is pregnant, it makes her situation more horrible and pathetic. She knows that bearing a child at this point in her life not only ruins her life but also put a full stop on her career prospects. She lacks all those resources that are needed to raise a child. Beside this, unplanned pregnancy is also to affect persisting life in her womb. She made her mind to wrap up her pregnancy, but she wants to terminate her pregnancy in a secret way. So, she asked a close friend, her friend asked her to use MTP Kit to terminate her pregnancy.

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MTP Kit is a clinically approved medication used in the conclusion of an early pregnancy of 9 weeks of gestation. MTP Kit encloses FDA-approved drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This medicine guarantees 100% safe and secure conclusion of an early pregnancy in a secret way.  

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Mifepristone (an anti-progestin) blocks the activity of progesterone hormone that blocks the further growth of a fetus. The decline in the body's progesterone level causes the shedding of the uterine wall that causes the removal of a fetus from the mother's womb. Mifepristone also causes the dilation and softening of the cervix for the easy expulsion of a fetus out of the mother's womb. Misoprostol induces a powerful contraction of the endometrial wall resulting in the expulsion of a fetus out of the mother's womb.

MTP Kit pack enfolds one Mifepristone pill (200mg) and four Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg) and follow this dosing schedule to execute an abortion with this medicine. On day one, a woman should ingest one Mifepristone pill orally early in the morning with sufficient amount of water. On day three, she needs to take four Misoprostol pills via the oral or vaginal route. On the fourteenth day, she has to follow with an ultrasonography test for the final confirmation of an abortion.
Any woman can safely annihilate her pregnancy with MTP Kit, but sometimes the use of this medicine may cause some side effects such as tiredness, stomach cramping or pain, severe vaginal bleeding, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, backache, and nausea.

Be attentive!

Do not use MTP Kit to exterminate an ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy of more than 9 weeks of gestation. Always try to avoid alcohol, grapefruits or grape juices while executing an abortion with MTP Kit with Mifepristone pill and Misoprostol pill. A woman who is using an intrauterine device, she must remove it before executing an abortion with MTP Kit. A woman should always try to ingest healthy diets during or after an abortion to recover, the losses occurred in the body.

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