Are you fed up of losing your erection every time when you get intimate?

Are you not able to fulfill your sensual dreams?

Do you need some remedy to bring back your erection on time?

If your answer to every question is "YES" then follow this blog for getting the perfect solution for your disorder. Erection issue is not a problem of worry now as we have a solution and that is SUHAGRA. This medicine helps in coping up with your erection issue. There are many men, who have a poor quality erection while intimacy. This low performance can be due to anything like alcohol or performance anxiety. Your low performance can spoil your nights and degrade your manliness in front of your partner. We know ED is not your fault, it happens anytime. But think what is the fault of your partner who needs you badly. She might also be having some sensual dreams. To fulfill her sensual desire, you must be capable of getting an erection. So, try Suhagra. This medicine will elevate the blood flow and raise your erection. You can be able to get a perfect and long lasting erection with this. After using it, you can enjoy multiple session of intimacy. Then there will be no questions from your partner's side. Just enjoy your intimate moments without any interruption.

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The GENERIC of Suhagra is Sildenafil. The drug is categorized in PDE5 enzyme inhibitor class. Phosphodiesterase enzyme has a functioning that is to break cGMP. But this cGMP is useful in vasodilation of vessels and so erection. Suhagra causes the stop in working of the PDE5 enzyme. This elevates the quantity of cGMP in the penile region. Thus accelerating the vasodilation process, and speed of blood flow through the penile region. You would be able to gain an erection speedily. Remember to get sensually aroused.

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Patient has to ingest a single tablet of 100 mg with water. Take this tablet one hour prior to physical intimacy session. The effect of the tablet will be seen within 15 minutes. The effect will lengthen for about 4-5 hours timings. Ingest with water with or without meals. The next dose can be used only after 24 hours time.


•    In case you are stuck with any allergies to its components
•    In case a person is also ingesting upon Nitrate form of drugs
•    In case a patient has an age group below 18 years

SAFETY advises to be followed after and before using this medicine are as:

•    Explain your doctor in cases where erection with drug becomes painful and longer.
•    Meals that are rich in fats should not be taken, as those will lower the drug absorption.
•    Keep in check your consumption of alcohol and grapefruit juices, as these will worsen your effects.

A patient taking this medicine has the possibility to gain ill effects such as back pain, muscle pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, painful erection, and flushing.

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