Usually, the intimacy session gets complete when men will be able to attain proper erection on the bed. The men hard erection work as a final wicket in the match of lovemaking and to win the match men has to sustain his hard erection else he will lose the game of intimacy. To provide utmost pleasure to himself or to his women the hardest erection is compulsory. But sometimes, the men would not be able to attain that much required for the pleasing session and it annoys the women most. Occasionally, erection failure is a normal thing, but every day when it starts happening then it became disorder known as erectile dysfunction. This disorder makes the men incapable to have tough erection and outcomes in poor intimacy. This not only hinders intimacy but raises some unwanted questions is women mind too which are not a positive sign of healthy relationships.

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Hence, if you notice the changes, then, first of all, you have to share it with your partner and after that look for the things that make your erection softer and moreover, you can take the help of erection medication accessible in the market. Fildena is one such ED class of drug approved by FDA for its efficacious results on men body. This medication works well to turn up your erection harder and stiffer for intimacy.

Sildenafil there in the medication belongs to the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The drug starts producing its action by blocking the working of PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the degradation of cGMP substance into the men body. The enhanced level of cGMP into the body may lead to relaxation of blood vessels and supply blood required for firm erection towards men penile.

Fildena is accessible as of oral tablets with strength Fildena 50mg tablet and 100mg tablet. The men having trouble getting an erection should have to take only one tablet of either 50mg or 100mg through oral route once in a day. The dose can be ingested with or without food but respite of fatty food as it may cause poor drug absorption. The drug should be taken 60 minutes former to the lovemaking as the drug get absorbed within 30 minutes. The effectual action of drug nest into the body for the period of 5 hours, therefore only one dose of Fildena is sufficient to have in a day.

Certain men using Fildena have described annoying adverse effects like as of facial flushing, nasal blockage, chest pain, body pain, giddiness, drowsiness, ringing sound in the ear, headache, and stomach distressed. The severe effects occur such as prolong or painful ejection when men consume the drug overdose.

Therefore, to lower down the adverse effects it is better to elude the drugs and alcohol consumption. To elude the effect of hypotension it is suggested to avert the combination of nitrate drug and Fildena. Prohibit operating machinery and driving if you feel dizzy and drowsy after drug consumption. The use of the drug is restricted to the medical illness of heart, blood pressure, sildenafil allergy, and liver or kidney disorder. If you experience prolong ejaculation then visit the doctor for help.

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