Not only women but men also feel a bit embarrassed and obsessed about first-night sexual connection. Sexuality is all time hot issue between a man and woman especially when you’re entering into a new relationship like marriage.

Everyone wants to give their best at the first night because it’s a common saying first impression is the last impression but anxiety of first night intimacy often dilutes the fun and excitement of the session and most men at this crucial time suffers from the failure of erection especially because of performance anxiety. Once a man fails in bed in front of partner he continues to fail again by remembering the previous erection loss.

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Erection boosting medicine like Cenforce is the potent remedy to arouse a man quickly in his intimate organ and later maintains the long-term hardness in the penile part so that he can stand till late night active in bed and impress her women by his exotic moves and measurements. First-time intimacy brings both joy and uneasiness that often turns the reason to the failure of erection in men. First-term intimacy is totally dependent on man how he performs, seduce her partner and make her feel comfy in the bedroom.

The softer you act with her emotionally without losing the erection stiffness is the key to winning the heart of your women. Sildenafil present in the drug Cenforce is an FDA approved the drug for improving the condition of Impotence in men. The mechanism through which the medicine Cenforce acts in the body of men is preventing the action of the PDE5 enzyme to break the molecules of cGMP into smaller subunits. Hence, stopping this enzyme function will raise the cGMP cellular concentration that in turns produces relaxation in blood supplying vessels henceforth facilitates the faster flow of blood in penile organ turning men erect and stiff in penile for a long duration.

A man can take the Cenforce medicine available in different dosing strengths of Cenforce 100mg tablet, 150 & 200mg an hour prior to making love with the colossal amount of water without crushing the dosing under the teeth. Take this pill orally without chewing. Once you take the pill effect of medicine will last long in the body of men for 4-5 hours. Later you can repeat the dosing after 24 hours else you may develop pain in the penile part which we call Priapism.

Some side effects of taking Cenforce medicine are nausea, pink eyes, the fastening of breath, stiffness in the back, dryness in the intimate area and a bit of tearing may also happen in the penile skin in some patients. Some Advisory tips to be followed by man when they are on the dosing of Cenforce medicine are restricting the beverages like grapefruit juice, alcohol and caffeinated drinks in excess. Don’t take junk foods and nitrates medicine with this drug.

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