When pregnancy is bothering in some or other way the decision is still in your hands until 9 weeks. As the time progress the chance of risk in abortion increase. Some high-risk pregnancies are as:

Maternal age: Women aging under 17’s or above 35’s are at high risk and can have complications. Miscarriage risk elevates after an age of 40’s or so.

Medical conditions: Diabetes, renal disorder, hepatic disorder, an autoimmune disorder, chronic infection, and HIV are possible threats to a new born. Fetal problems can pose unexpected problems to a new born as well as the mother.

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For that pregnancy that are unexpected and may harm you should be terminated as earlier as possible. Your doctor may suggest you on this after checking your medical condition. The best option to finish your pregnancy is by using MTP Kit. This kit is helpful in expelling your pregnancy easily and safely.  

Brand name: MTP KIT

Generic version: Mifepristone and Misoprostol

Class of this medicine: Anti-progesterone and Prostaglandin

Dosing strengths: 

Mifepristone  abortion Pill 200 mg

Misoprostol……………..200 mcg

Dosage form of this medicine: This is available as solid dosage form that is uncoated tablets form.

Gestation timing: Use only for less than 9 weeks.

Indications: This is helpful in termination of unwanted gestation up to 63 days of time counted on first day of last menstrual period.

Mode of its activity: a) Mifepristone acts over the progesterone hormone and disables the nutrition transfer towards the fetus leading to death of fetus. Progesterone hormone is essential for growing fetus and this medicine blocks its activity.

b) Misoprostol causes myometrium contraction by coupling with specific receptors present over the myometrium cells. This results in muscle contraction and causes the cervix to soften and dilate to expel uterine contents that is fetus and blood.

Dosing scheme: Start with one pill Mifepristone given at hospital or at home. Each 200 mg dose to be used with water orally. Keep a gap of two days and on 3rd day, use four pills Misoprostol each 200 mcg dose with water orally or vaginally. Have 14 days gap and then on 14th day, confirm your gestation abortion success.

Storing criteria: This must be kept at safe place far from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Keep out of small children reach.

Some contradictory parameters and safety parameters:

  • Never use in ECTOPIC GESTATION.
  • Never use if having an allergic reaction.
  • Never use if using Corticosteroid or Anticoagulant.
  • Never use if your age falls below 18 years.
  • Remove your IUD’s before opting for an abortion.
  • Heavy dizziness will arise so avoid activities that need vigil.
  • To combat weakness, use healthy meals.
  • Not to use if having porphyria or bleeding disorder.

Common aftermaths that are possible are as heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, stomach cramps, headache, and weakness.

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