Careprost helps correct glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure) and hypotrichosis/madarosis (scantiness of eyelashes). There are many reasons for eyelashes falling out that vary from one individual to another. These causes range from diseases and conditions, diet, some treatments and general care given to your lashes. This condition, though not hazardous, is very distressing, and is an indicator to some other more serious suffering. Broadly, Glaucoma, on the other hand is a serious condition that needs serious treatment. Its prolonged presence damages the optic nerve (which transmits images to the brain) causing temporary or permanent loss of vision if not treated on time. Any ailment of or near the eyes has to be treated with great care as the results of botched implementation can be disastrous.

Careprost is FDA approved and has effectually helped millions of people grow thicker and healthier lashes. The growth pattern of eyelashes is similar to that of scalp hair that grows more rapidly in the growth (anagen) phase. Careprost Eye Drops ophthalmic solution extends the growth phase, thereby generating darker & fuller eyelashes. Apart from its cosmetic remedial advantage it also serves the function of treating glaucoma by lowering the fluid pressure inside the eye or increasing the outflow of the optical fluid, thus preventing blindness or loss of vision. Careprost Eye Drops is a prostaglandin analog that influences the growth of hair follicles by first expanding the percentage of hair in the anagen (development) phase of the hair cycle and increasing the duration of this stage, it increases the width of the hair knob (dermal papilla), making the lashes longer and thicker. It also fortifies melanin(shade cells) in the skin and hair follicles (melanogenesis) making the hair darker. Regular use is requisite and you must have some persistence to get the preferred results.

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For glaucoma treatment, 1 drop of Careprost Eye Drops 1 time in a day in the affected eye(s) is recommended. But for enhanced eyelash growth the procedure is more outlined: wash your hands and then apply the eye drops on the upper lash line just enough to touch the lower lashes with a flutter; use a sterile brush or applicator; keep the medication in a clean and hygienic place; wash your hands again; wipe/sponge off any excess run-off (as run-off can lead to hair growth in the places where careprost touches the skin). Some may exhibit side effects like burning or itching sensation, gentle irritation, blurred or decreased vision and eyelid reddening, but most of these can be avoided if you take pre-usage care to ensure: a gap between the applications of two different eye formulations; remove contact lenses; check for hypersensitivity to Careprost; avoid usage with any eye surgery, eye disorders or infections such as dry eyes or Aphakia (lens absent in the eye).

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