There are umpteen survey works which reports that women are more excited and crazy about making the sexual connection than men. For complete mental satisfaction they need a sexual session for about several times a week and sometimes two-three times a day but what about men? Have anybody asks them that they have such level of potential in them to make out to the expectation of women or not?

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As for women it’s not a big deal to make intimacy because they don’t have to make out hard but have to enjoy more and simply have to set the mood of the partner on by reaching to his sensual cum erogenous zones that shoot an intense level of arousal stimuli in the men but the case differs for men as he is the one who has to initiate the act of lovemaking and has to move “in and out” to the region to touch the sensitive zone called G-Spot of women but if in case you fail to touch the zone then your energy is gone in vain as your women will leave out craved for more which later might create a sense of dissatisfaction in the women that as a vicious cycle might invite grief, dejection, anxiety, annoyance, and irritation in the women. This later turns completely responsible for the hassle in the sexual relationship of the couple.

But this doesn’t mean that a woman needs more intercourse but what she craves is to reach the level of climax so that she can experience that heavenly pleasure of those few seconds or minutes which is enough to crack down the emotional distress. So, what are you thinking? How to reach that G-spot? Oh! It’s not a worry just take a pill of Cenforce 200 mg medication and then see the change in your sexual performance.

Know more about Sildenafil Cenforce for Men:

Cenforce has Sildenafil as the generic pharmaceutical ingredient that is supposed to enhance the flow of blood in the groin & penile region by inducing dilation in the muscles and blood vessels and facilitating the huge supply of blood to circulate in this region to arouse an erection which is stiff, sturdy and long lasting to completely appease the sensual needs of eth women by reaching deep inside the women. This particular effect is observed in women due to inhibition of PDE5 enzymes effect of cGMP breakdown.

Dosing: It’s easy to take Cenforce just gulp the dosing as a whole unit with a glass of water 50-60 minutes in lieu making physical contact with the women. Consume this pill without chewing or breaking and be ready to enjoy the pharmacological effect until the long term of 4-5 hours. It is suggested to not repeat the dosing twice in 24 hours else you may develop Priapism.

Some adverse effects of taking Cenforce include nausea, headache, diarrhea, sore throat, muscle stiffness, tear and rash over the penile tip

Few cautionary guidelines for male patients taking Cenforce are following:

  • Avoid drinks that have a higher concentrate of caffeine and alcohol
  • Grapefruit juice, oil fried foods & cheesy foods delay the medicine effect
  • Don’t take nitrates medicine in simultaneous with Cenforce

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